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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2013Knowledge-building in asian public administration: An introductory overviewHaque, M.S. ; Turner, M.
1998Legitimation crisis: A challenge for public service in the next centuryHaque, M.S. 
2005Limits of the citizen's charter in India: The critical impacts of social exclusionHaque, M.S. 
2006Modernising government: The way forward - An analysisHaque, M.S. 
2001Pride and performance in the public service: Three Asian casesHague, M.S. 
Oct-2013Public administration in a globalized Asia: Intellectual identities, challenges, and prospectsHaque, M.S. 
25-Jun-2019Questioning cross-cultural applicability of public administration knowledge: a critical Asian perspectiveM. Shamsul Haque 
1999Relationship between citizenship and public administration: A reconfigurationHaque, M.S. 
Dec-2010Rethinking development administration and remembering fred W. RiggsHaque, M. 
8-Nov-2016Symposium on Democratic Governance: an introductory overviewM. Shamsul Haque 
2002The changing balance of power between the government and NGOS in BangladeshHaque, M.S. 
19-Jun-2019The changing foundations of public administration: from identity to modernity to diversityM. Shamsul Haque 
2The Changing Relationship between the State and the Voluntary Philanthropic Sector: Special Reference to SingaporeM. Shamsul Haque 
1996The contextless nature of public administration in Third World countriesHaque, M.S. 
1999The fate of sustainable development under neo-liberal regimes in developing countriesHaque, M.S. 
Oct-2006The new public management reform and governance in Asian NICs: A comparison of Hong Kong and SingaporeLee, E.W.Y.; Haque, M.S. 
1998The paradox of bureaucratic accountability in developing nations under a Promarket StateHaque, M.S. 
2003The Role of the State in Managing Ethnic Tensions in Malaysia: A Critical DiscourseShamsul, Haque M. 
Oct-2007Theory and practice of public administration in Southeast Asia: Traditions, directions, and impactsHaque, M.S. 
27-Sep-2016Understanding democratic governance: practical trends and theoretical puzzlesM. Shamsul Haque