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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Geometry of distorted visual space and Cremona transformationCheong, L.-F. ; Ng, K.-O. 
2019Heavy Rain Image Restoration: Integrating Physics Model and Conditional Adversarial LearningLi, Ruoteng ; Cheong, Loong Fah ; Tan, Robby T 
2009Hierarchical spatio-temporal context modeling for action recognitionSun, J. ; Wu, X.; Yan, S. ; Cheong, L.-F. ; Chua, T.-S. ; Li, J.
2006How do movie viewers perceive scene structure from dynamic cuesCheong, L.-F. ; Xiang, X.
2006Inserting 3D projected virtual content into broadcast tennis videoYu, X.; Yan, X.; Phuong Chi, T.T.; Cheong, L.F. 
2008Learning by propagabilityNi, B.; Yan, S. ; Kassim, A. ; Cheong, L.F. 
2008Linear ego-motion recovery algorithm based on quasi-parallaxHu, C.; Cheong, L.F. 
Aug-2009Linear quasi-parallax SfM using laterally-placed eyesHu, C.; Cheong, L.F. 
2013Minimal basis facility location for subspace segmentationLee, C.-M.; Cheong, L.-F. 
2005MRF augmented particle filter trackerWang, H.L.; Cheong, L.-F. 
2011Multi-view repetitive structure detectionJiang, N.; Tan, P. ; Cheong, L.-F. 
1-Sep-2004On the distortion of shape recovery from motionXiang, T.; Cheong, L.-F. 
2002Parsing video programs into individual segments using FSA modelingMittal, A. ; Cheong, L.-F. ; Nair, A.
2013Perspective motion segmentation via collaborative clusteringLi, Z.; Guo, J.; Cheong, L.-F. ; Zhou, S.Z. 
Jan-2013Quasi-parallax for nearly parallel frontal eyes: A possible role of binocular overlap during rapid locomotionCheong, L.-F. ; Gao, Z.
2010Randomized locality sensitive vocabularies for bag-of-features modelMu, Y. ; Sun, J. ; Han, T.X.; Cheong, L.-F. ; Yan, S. 
2002Robust identification of gradual shot-transition typesMittal, A. ; Cheong, L.-F. ; Tung Sing, L.
2010Robust low-rank subspace segmentation with semidefinite guaranteesNi, Y. ; Sun, J. ; Yuan, X. ; Yan, S. ; Cheong, L.-F. 
Aug-2000Scene-based shot change detection and comparative evaluationCheong, L.-F. 
Aug-2000Scene-based shot change detection and comparative evaluationCheong, L.-F.