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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2006Development of microsatellite markers for the tropical moss, Acanthorrhynchium papillatumLeonardía, A.A.P.; Kumar, P.P. ; Tan, B.C. 
Apr-2008Direct interaction of AGL24 and SOC1 integrates flowering signals in ArabidopsisLiu, C.; Chen, H.; ER HONG LING ; Soo, H.M.; Kumar, P.P. ; Han, J.-H. ; Liou, Y.C. ; Yu, H. 
Apr-1995Direct organogenesis and induction of morphogenic callus through thin section culture of Heliconia psittacorumGoh, C.-J. ; Nathan, M.J.; Kumar, P.P. 
Oct-1997Direct shoot formation and plant regeneration from cotyledon explants of rapid-cycling Brassica rapaTeo, W.; Lakshmanan, P. ; Kumar, P. ; Goh, C.-J. ; Swarup, S. 
Aug-2013Dynamic secretion changes in the salt glands of the mangrove tree species Avicennia officinalis in response to a changing saline environmentTan, W.-K.; Lin, Q. ; Lim, T.-M. ; Kumar, P. ; Loh, C.-S. 
Mar-2000Effect of varying CO2 and light levels on growth of Hedyotis and sugarcane shoot culturesTay, B.-S.; Ong, B.-L. ; Kumar, P.P. 
1995Establishment and physiological analyses of photoautotrophic callus cultures of the fern Platycerium coronarium (Koenig) Desv. under CO2 enrichmentKwa Siew-Hwa; Wee Yeow-Chin ; Lim Tit-Meng; Kumar, P.P. 
Oct-2011Estimation of nuclear DNA content of various bamboo and rattan speciesKumar, P.P. ; Turner, I.M. ; Rao, A.N.; Arumuganathan, K.
1996Ethylene and CO2 affect direct shoot regeneration from the petiolar ends of Paulownia kawakamii leaves cultured in vitroKumar, P.P. ; Rao, C.D.; Goh, C.-J. 
Jun-2013Expression, purification, and characterization of cytokinin signaling intermediates: Arabidopsis histidine phosphotransfer protein 1 (AHP1) and AHP2Verma, V.; Sivaraman, J. ; Kumar, P.P. 
Apr-2011Feeding the extra billions: Strategies to improve crops and enhance future food securityStamm, P.; Ramamoorthy, R.; Kumar, P.P. 
18-May-2004Floral homeotic genes are targets of gibberellin signaling in flower developmentYu, H. ; Ito, T.; Zhao, Y.; Peng, J. ; Kumar, P. ; Meyerowitz, E.M.
Jul-2004Floral induction in tissue culture: A system for the analysis of LEAFY-dependent gene regulationWagner, D.; Wellmer, F.; Dilks, K.; William, D.; Smith, M.R.; Kumar, P.P. ; Riechmann, J.L.; Greenland, A.J.; Meyerowitz, E.M.
Apr-2006Floral organ identity genes in the orchid Dendrobium crumenatumXu, Y.; Teo, L.L.; Zhou, J.; Kumar, P.P. ; Yu, H. 
1998Genetic analyses of Heliconia species and cultivars with randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markersKumar, P.P. ; Yau, J.C.K.; Goh, C.J. 
Dec-2013Genetic diversity among clumps of Acanthorrhynchium papillatum (Harv.) M.Fleisch. As measured by variation in ITS2 sequencesLeonardía, A.A.P.; Tan, B.C. ; Kumar, P.P. 
Apr-2004Heterologous expression of Arabidopsis ERS1 causes delayed senescence in corianderWang, Y. ; Kumar, P.P. 
1996High frequency adventitious shoot regeneration from excised leaves of Paulownia spp. cultured in vitroDimps Rao, C.; Goh, C.-J. ; Kumar, P.P. 
1993High frequency plant regeneration in Heliconia psittacorum L.f.Nathan, M.J.; Kumar, P.P. ; Goh, C.-J. 
Jun-1995IAA-induced apogamy in Platycerium coronarium (Koenig) Desv. gametophytes cultured in vitroKwa, S.-H.; Wee, Y.-C. ; Lim, T.-M. ; Kumar, P.P.