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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A stable JAZ protein from peach mediates the transition from outcrossing to self-pollinationSherif S.; El-Sharkawy I.; Mathur J.; Ravindran P. ; Kumar P. ; Paliyath G.; Jayasankar S.
10-Dec-2002AGAMOUS-LIKE 24, a dosage-dependent mediator of the flowering signalsYu, H. ; Xu, Y.; Tan, E.L.; Kumar, P.P. 
Oct-1995Ammonium and nitrate uptake and nitrate reductase activity of photoautotrophic callus cultures of the fern Platycerium coronarium (Koenig) DESVKwa, S.-H.; Wee, Y.-C. ; Kumar, P.P. 
Sep-1997Analysis of genetic diversity among Ixora cultivars (Rubiaceae) using random amplified polymorphic DNARajaseger, G. ; Tan, H.T.W. ; Turner, I.M. ; Kumar, P.P. 
15-Feb-2007Antimicrobial activity of omwaprin, a new member of the waprin family of snake venom proteinsNair, D.G.; Fry, B.G. ; Alewood, P.; Kumar, P.P. ; Kini, R.M. 
Sep-2008Arabidopsis HOG1 gene and its petunia homolog PETCBP act as key regulators of yield parametersGodge, M.R. ; Kumar, D.; Kumar, P.P. 
Jun-2013Auxin and gibberellin responsive Arabidopsis SMALL AUXIN UP RNA36 regulates hypocotyl elongation in the lightStamm, P.; Kumar, P.P. 
2008Change in glass transition temperature upon priming of Impatiens walleriana seeds does not explain their reduced longevityMurthy, U.M.N.; Kumar, P.P. ; Sun, W.Q. 
2010Characterization of floral organ identity genes of the orchid dendrobium crumenatumXu, Y.; Yu, H. ; Kumar, P.P. 
Mar-2014Characterization of gibberellin-signalling elements during plum fruit ontogeny defines the essentiality of gibberellin in fruit developmentEl-Sharkawy, I.; Sherif, S.; El Kayal, W.; Mahboob, A.; Abubaker, K.; Ravindran, P.; Jyothi-Prakash, P.A.; Kumar, P.P. ; Jayasankar, S.
Feb-2007Characterization of two ethylene receptors PhERS1 and PhETR2 from petunia: PhETR2 regulates timing of anther dehiscenceWang, Y. ; Kumar, P.P. 
2002Cloning and characterization of Fortune-1, a novel gene with enhanced expression in male reproductive organs of Cycas edentataZhang, P.; Pwee, K.-H. ; Tan, H.T.W. ; Kumar, P.P. 
17-Jul-2003Cloning and characterization of rice HMGB1 geneWu, Q. ; Zhang, W.; Pwee, K.-H. ; Kumar, P.P. 
Feb-2004Conservation of class C function of floral organ development during 300 million years of evolution from gymnosperms to angiospermsZhang, P.; Tan, H.T.W. ; Pwee, K.-H. ; Kumar, P.P. 
1-May-2003Cytosine methylation occurs in a CDC48 homologue and a MADS-box gene during adventitious shoot induction in Petunia leaf explantsPrakash, A.P.; Kush, A.; Lakshmanan, P.; Kumar, P.P. 
Jun-2006Development of microsatellite markers for the tropical moss, Acanthorrhynchium papillatumLeonardía, A.A.P.; Kumar, P.P. ; Tan, B.C. 
Apr-2008Direct interaction of AGL24 and SOC1 integrates flowering signals in ArabidopsisLiu, C.; Chen, H.; ER HONG LING ; Soo, H.M.; Kumar, P.P. ; Han, J.-H. ; Liou, Y.C. ; Yu, H. 
Apr-1995Direct organogenesis and induction of morphogenic callus through thin section culture of Heliconia psittacorumGoh, C.-J. ; Nathan, M.J.; Kumar, P.P. 
Oct-1997Direct shoot formation and plant regeneration from cotyledon explants of rapid-cycling Brassica rapaTeo, W.; Lakshmanan, P. ; Kumar, P. ; Goh, C.-J. ; Swarup, S. 
Aug-2013Dynamic secretion changes in the salt glands of the mangrove tree species Avicennia officinalis in response to a changing saline environmentTan, W.-K.; Lin, Q. ; Lim, T.-M. ; Kumar, P. ; Loh, C.-S.