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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Megawatts are not megawatt-hours and other responses to Willis et al.Sovacool, B.K. 
2008Replacing tedium with transformation: Why the US Department of Energy needs to change the way it conducts long-term R&DSovacool, B.K. 
2009Resolving the impasse in American energy policy: The case for a transformational R&D strategy at the U.S. Department of EnergySovacool, B.K. 
2011Rising to the Challenge of Sustainability: Three Cases of Climate and Energy GovernanceSovacool, B.K. 
2009Scaling the policy response to climate changeSovacool, B.K. ; Brown, M.A.
2009Sound climate, energy, and transport policy for a carbon constrained worldSovacool, B.K. 
2010Symbolic convergence and the hydrogen economySovacool, B.K. ; Brossmann, B.
Feb-2010The Barriers to Energy Efficiency in China: Assessing Household Electricity Savings and Consumer Behavior in Liaoning ProvinceVu, Minh Khuong ; Sovacool, Benjamin K. ; Feng, Dianshu
2010The barriers to energy efficiency in China: Assessing household electricity savings and consumer behavior in Liaoning ProvinceDianshu, F.; Sovacool, B.K. ; Minh, Vu K. 
2009The cultural barriers to renewable energy and energy efficiency in the United StatesSovacool, B.K. 
2009The intermittency of wind, solar, and renewable electricity generators: Technical barrier or rhetorical excuse?Sovacool, B.K. 
2010The political economy of oil and gas in Southeast Asia: Heading towards the natural resource curse?Sovacool, B.K. 
2008The problem with the "portfolio approach" in American energy policySovacool, B.K. 
2010The socio-political economy of nuclear energy in China and IndiaSovacool, B.K. ; Valentine, S.V.
2010Twelve metropolitan carbon footprints: A preliminary comparative global assessmentSovacool, B.K. ; Brown, M.A.
2009Who governs energy? The challenges facing global energy governanceFlorini, A. ; Sovacool, B.K.