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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A comparative analysis of renewable electricity support mechanisms for Southeast AsiaSovacool, B.K. 
2010A critical evaluation of nuclear power and renewable electricity in AsiaSovacool, B.K. 
2009A game of cat and fish: How to restore the balance in sustainable fisheries managementSovacool, B.K. 
2008A matter of stability and equity: The case for federal action on renewable portfolio standards in the U.SSovacool, B.K. 
2010Addressing Climate Change: Global vs. Local Scales of Jurisdiction?Sovacool, B.K. ; Brown, M.A.
Jun-2011An international comparison of four polycentric approaches to climate and energy governanceSovacool, B.K. 
2011Bridging the gaps in global energy governanceFlorini, A.; Sovacool, B.K. 
2010Broken by design: The corporation as a failed technologySovacool, B.K. 
May-2011China's energy security: The perspective of energy usersBambawale, M.J. ; Sovacool, B.K. 
Aug-2011Competing discourses of energy development: The implications of the Medupi coal-fired power plant in South AfricaRafey, W.; Sovacool, B.K. 
Mar-2011Conceptualizing urban household energy use: Climbing the "Energy Services Ladder"Sovacool, B.K. 
2010Corrigendum to "Contextualizing Avian mortality: A preliminary appraisal of bird and bat fatalities from wind, fossil-fuel, and nuclear electricity" [Energy Policy 37(6) (2009) 2241-2248] (DOI:10.1016/j.enpol.2009.02.011)Sovacool, B. 
Jan-2011Cursed by crude: The corporatist resource curse and the baku-tbilisi-ceyhan pipelineSovacool, B.K. 
Jul-2010Developing Asia and the electricity sector: Dynamics, trends and policy implicationsVu, Khuong M. ; Sovacool, Benjamin K. 
2008Distributed generation (DG) and the American electric utility system: What is stopping it?Sovacool, B.K. 
2009Early modes of transport in the United States: Lessons for modern energy policymakersSovacool, B.K. 
2010Energy efficiency and renewable energy under extreme conditions: Case studies from AntarcticaTin, T.; Sovacool, B.K. ; Blake, D.; Magill, P.; El, Naggar S.; Lidstrom, S.; Ishizawa, K.; Berte, J.
2010Energy security and mitigating climate change Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and alternatives to oil in AsiaSovacool, B.K. 
1-Jun-2012Energy security: Insights from a ten country comparisonBambawale, M.J. ; Sovacool, B.K. 
2010Erasing knowledge: The discursive structure of globalizationSovacool, B.K.