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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1999Dynamical theory of spectroscopy with pulse excitation - Application to continuum Raman of IBrLu, J.; Fan, K.; Lee, S.-Y. 
1-Jan-2000Effects of reagent rotation and the accuracy of the centrifugal sudden approximation in the H2+CN reactionZhang, D.H. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
1998Effects of reagent rotation on the dynamics of the H2+OH reaction: A full dimension quantum studyZhang, D.H. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
1985Energy shift correction for the reflection approximationLee, S.-Y. 
3-Nov-2000First-principles theory for the H + H2O, D2O reactionsZhang, D.H. ; Collins, M.A.; Lee, S.-Y. 
1-Mar-1999Fully converged integral cross sections of diatom-diatom reactions and the accuracy of the centrifugal sudden approximation in the H2+OH reactionZhang, D.H. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
1988Harmonic autocorrelation function: Application to diatomic photoelectron spectraLee, S.-Y. ; Lim, S.-K.
1994Missing mode effect in resonance Raman excitation profileLee, S.-Y. ; Chang, H.-Y.
10-Nov-1995Phase recovery and reconstruction of the Raman amplitude from the Raman excitation profileLee, S.-Y. 
1997Phase recovery from the raman excitation profile, time domain information and transform theoryLee, S.-Y. ; Feng, Z.W.; Yeo, R.C.K.
1985Potential energy surfaces and effects on electronic and Raman spectraLee, S.-Y. 
3-Sep-2002Probing the transition state via photoelectron and photodetachment spectroscopy of H3O-Zhang, D.H. ; Yang, M. ; Collins, M.A.; Lee, S.-Y. 
8-Feb-2002Quantum dynamics of the D2 + OH reactionZhang, D.H. ; Yang, M. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
15-Mar-2001Quantum dynamics on new potential energy surfaces for the H2+OH→H2O+H reactionYang, M. ; Zhang, D.H. ; Collins, M.A.; Lee, S.-Y. 
2000Quantum mechanical integral cross sections and rate constants for the F+HD reactionsZhang, D.H. ; Lee, S.-Y. ; Baer, M.
1998Quantum rate constants for the H2+OH reaction with the centrifugal sudden approximationZhang, D.H. ; Light, J.C.; Lee, S.-Y. 
25-Aug-1989Quantum theory for transition state absorptionLee, S.-Y. ; Pollard, W.T.; Mathies, R.A.
3-Nov-1989Quasi-classical models of transition state absorption or emissionLee, S.-Y. ; Pollard, W.T.; Mathies, R.A.
Mar-1992Simple results for Raman scatteringLee, S.-Y. 
2001Solid phase synthesis of pyridazine derivatives using polymer-bound sodium benzenesulfinateChen, Y. ; Lam, Y. ; Lee, S.-Y.