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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Fault detectability and isolability conditions in the frequency domainJingfang, L.; Poh, L.A. ; Fui, F.K.
2009Fault detection and isolation for nonlinear F16 models using A gain-varying UIO approachXu, J. ; Lum, K.Y. ; Loh, A.P. 
2012Fault detection and isolation of nonlinear systems: An unknown input observer approach with sum-of-squares techniquesXu, J. ; Lum, K.-Y.; Xie, L.; Loh, A.-P. 
2004Fault isolation with estimated frequency responseLoh, A.P. ; Lu, J.; Fong, K.F. 
2010FDI of disturbed nonlinear systems: A nonlinear UIO approach with SOS techniquesXu, J. ; Lum, K.Y. ; Xie, L.; Loh, A.P. 
2006Feature representation based on intrinsic structure discovery in high dimensional spaceGe, S.S. ; Guan, F.; Loh, A.P. ; Fua, C.H.
2004Forced and subharmonic oscillations in relay feedback systemsLoh, A.P. ; Lim, L.H.; Fu, J. ; Fong, K.F. 
2010Forced oscillations conditions in relay feedback control systemsFu, J.; Wei, Y.; Loh, A.P. 
1994Fuzzy modeling of nonlinear pH processes through neural approachNie, Junhong ; Loh, A.P. ; Hang, C.C. 
1994Fuzzy modeling of nonlinear pH processes through neural approachNie, Junhong ; Loh, A.P. ; Hang, C.C. 
Jun-2011Fuzzy-rough discriminative feature selection and classification algorithm, with application to microarray and image datasetsKumar, P.K.; Vadakkepat, P. ; Poh, L.A. 
2010Graph matching based hand posture recognition using neuro-biologically inspired featuresKumar P, P.; Vadakkepat, P. ; Poh, L.A. 
2010Hammerstein model-based correlation UIO method for fault detection of nonlinear flight control systemsLum, K.-Y. ; Xu, J. ; Loh, A.-P. 
Sep-2010Hand posture and face recognition using a fuzzy-rough approachKumar, P.P.; Vadakkepat, P. ; Loh, A.P. 
2010Hand posture recognition using neuro-biologically inspired featuresPramod Kumar, P.; Hui, S.Q.S.; Vadakkepat, P. ; Poh, L.A. 
2006Identification of frequency ranges for subharmonic oscillations in a relay feedback systemLim, L.H.; Loh, A.P. 
2015Identifying social groups in pedestrian crowd videosChandran A.K.; Poh L.A. ; Vadakkepat P. 
1-Nov-2006In situ measurement of wafer temperature using two sensors with different dynamical propertiesTan, W.W. ; Tang, J.C.; Loh, A.P. ; Tay, A. 
May-2004Integrated bake/chill module with in situ temperature measurement for photoresist processingTay, A. ; Ho, W.-K. ; Loh, A.-P. ; Lim, K.-W. ; Tan, W.-W. ; Schaper, C.D.
1999Integrated in-line temperature measurement system for silicon wafer semiconductor manufacturingLim, K.W. ; Luo, J.; Gu, J.; Poh, Y.P.; Tan, W.W. ; Loh, A.P.