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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2010Performance analysis of EDM electrode fabricated by localized electrochemical deposition for micro-machining of stainless steelHabib, M.A.; Rahman, M. 
10-May-2006Performance evaluation of a newly developed electrolytic system for stable thinning of silicon wafersIslam, M.M. ; Senthil Kumar, A. ; Balakumar, S.; Lim, H.S. ; Rahman, M. 
2003Performance evaluation of cryogenically treated tungsten carbide cutting tool insertsSeah, K.H.W. ; Rahman, M. ; Yong, K.H.
Dec-2006Performance evaluation of cryogenically treated tungsten carbide tools in turningYong, A.Y.L.; Seah, K.H.W. ; Rahman, M. 
1988Performance evaluation of endrillsRahman, M. ; Seah, K.H.W. ; Venkatesh, V.C.
22-Sep-2003Performance evaluation of pure CBN tools for machining of steelNeo, K.S. ; Rahman, M. ; Li, X.P. ; Khoo, H.H.; Sawa, M.; Maeda, Y.
Dec-1996Performance evaluation of shank-type tooling and modular tooling for lathesYeo, S.H.; Rahman, M. 
Apr-2007Performance of cryogenically treated tungsten carbide tools in milling operationsYong, A.Y.L.; Seah, K.H.W. ; Rahman, M. 
30-Apr-2007Performance of single crystal diamond tools in ductile mode cutting of siliconUddin, M.S.; Seah, K.H.W. ; Rahman, M. ; Li, X.P. ; Liu, K. 
Jul-2007Performance of single crystal diamond tools with different rake angles during micro-grooving on electroless nickel plated die materialsBiddut, A.Q.; Rahman, M. ; Neo, K.S. ; Rahman, K.M.R.; Sawa, M.; Maeda, Y.
Apr-2003Process planning optimization for the manufacture of injection moulds using a genetic algorithmAlam, M.R.; Lee, K.S. ; Rahman, M. ; Zhang, Y.F. 
Apr-2013Profile error compensation in high precision 3D micro-EDM millingNguyen, M.D.; Wong, Y.S. ; Rahman, M. 
Jan-2001Quantitative radiographic analysis of fiber reinforced polymer compositesBaidya, K.P.; Ramakrishna, S. ; Rahman, M. ; Ritchie, A.
Mar-2012Simultaneous micro-EDM and micro-ECM in low-resistivity deionized waterNguyen, M.D.; Rahman, M. ; Wong, Y.S. 
2004Study of ductile mode cutting in grooving of tungsten carbide with and without ultrasonic vibration assistanceLiu, K. ; Li, X.P. ; Rahman, M. ; Liu, X.D.
Apr-2012Study of field intensity distribution of laser beam propagating through a micro-lens arrayLim, C.S.; Hong, M.H. ; Senthil Kumar, A. ; Rahman, M. ; Chong, T.C. 
2011Study of micro-EDM of tungsten carbide with workpiece vibrationJahan, M.P.; Saleh, T.; Rahman, M. ; Wong, Y.S. 
Aug-2012Study of the diffusion of carbon, its sources, and effect on finishing micro-EDM performance of cemented carbideJahan, M.P.; Rahman, M. ; Wong, Y.S. 
Apr-2007Study of the mechanism of groove wear of the diamond tool in nanoscale ductile mode cutting of monocrystalline siliconCai, M.B.; Li, X.P. ; Rahman, M. 
Jan-2007Study of the mechanism of nanoscale ductile mode cutting of silicon using molecular dynamics simulationCai, M.B.; Li, X.P. ; Rahman, M.