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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1999Linear parallel interference cancellation in long-code CDMA multiuser detectionGuo, D. ; Rasmussen, L.K. ; Lim, T.J. 
1998MMSE-based linear parallel interference cancellation in CDMAGuo, Dongning ; Rasmussen, Lars K. ; Sun, Sumei ; Lim, Teng J. ; Cheah, Christopher 
29-May-2001Multi-user code division multiple access receiverLIM, TENG JOON ; RASMUSSEN, LARS ; SUGIMOTO, HIROKI
2000Multipath searcher with the hybrid CDMA interference cancellerSun, S. ; Sugimoto, H.; Rasmussen, L.K. ; Lim, T.J. 
1997Near optimum tree-search detection schemes for bit-synchronous multiuser CDMA systems over gaussian and two-path rayleigh-fading channelsWei, L.; Rasmussen, L.K. ; Wyrwas, R.
1996New geometrical interpretation of the decorrelator in multiuser CDMARasmussen, Lars K. ; Lim, Teng J. ; Alexander, Paul D. 
1997One-shot filtering equivalence for linear successive interference cancellation in CDMARasmussen, Lars K. ; Lim, Teng J. ; Johansson, Ann-Louise
9-Dec-2003Receiving device and channel estimator for use in a CDMA communication systemSUGIMOTO, HIROKI; LIM, TENG JOON ; RASMUSSEN, LARS ; CHEAH, KOK LEONG ; SUN, SUMEI ; MATSUMOTO, YOSHIHIRO; OYAMA, TAKASHI
2000Relative performance of BPSK and QPSK in the presence of complex multiuser CDMA interferenceLim, T.J. ; Rasmussen, L.K. ; Sugimoto, H.
1996Unifying discrete-time model for direct sequence and multicarrier variable rate broadband CDMARasmussen, Lars K. ; Lim, Teng J. ; Alexander, Paul D.