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1997Analysing the Singapore ICE Corpus for Lexicographic EvidenceOoi, V.B.Y. 
2007Analyzing personal weblogs in Singapore English: the Wmatrix approachOoi, Beng Yeow Vincent ; Tan, Kok Wan Peter ; Chiang, Kok Leong Andy 
2002Aspects of Computer-Mediated Communication for Research in Corpus LinguisticsOoi, V.B.Y. 
1998Computer Corpus LexicographyOoi, Beng Yeow Vincent 
2009Computer-mediated language and corpus linguisticsOoi, Beng Yeow Vincent 
Dec-2010English Internet lexicography and online dictionariesOoi, Beng Yeow Vincent 
2001Evolving Identities: The English Language in Singapore and MalaysiaOoi, Beng Yeow Vincent 
2008Innovations and motivations in online chatGong, Wengao; Ooi, Beng Yeow Vincent 
2009Perspectives in Lexicography: Asia in BeyondOoi, Beng Yeow Vincent ; Pakir, Anne ; Talib, Ismail Bin Said ; Tan, Kok Wan Peter 
2010Singaporean EnglishOoi, Beng Yeow Vincent 
2008The Lexis of electronic gaming on the Web: A sinclairian approachOoi, V.B.Y. 
Sep-2008The Lexis of Electronic Gaming on the Web: a Sinclairian ApproachOoi, Beng Yeow Vincent 
1997Times-Chambers Essential English Dictionary (2nd edition)Higgleton, Elaine; Ooi, Beng Yeow Vincent 
2001Upholding Standards or Passively Observing Language?: Corpus Evidence and the Concentric Circles ModelOoi, Beng Yeow Vincent 
2005Words in Asian cultural contexts: Proceedings of the 4th Asialex Conference 1-3 June 2005, M Hotel, SingaporeOoi, Beng Yeow Vincent ; Pakir, Anne ; Talib, Ismail Bin Said ; Tan, Lynn; Tan, Kok Wan Peter ; Tan, Ying Ying