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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Evaluation of IBIS modelling techniques for signal integrity simulations without and with package parasiticsJi, Y.; Mouthaan, K. ; Venkatarayalu, N.V. 
Oct-2006Fast monostatic RCS computation in FEM based solvers using QR decompositionVenkatarayalu, N.V. ; Gan, Y.-B. ; Zhao, K.; Lee, J.-F.
Jan-2004General formulation of unconditionally stable ADI-FDTD method in linear dispersive mediaDong, X.T. ; Venkatarayalu, N.V. ; Guo, B. ; Yin, W.Y. ; Gan, Y.B. 
2006Hanging variables in finite element time domain method with hexahedral edge elementsVenkatarayalu, N. ; Lee, R.; Gan, Y.B. ; Li, L.-W. 
2005Hybrid finite element/finite difference methods in the time domainSrisukh, Y.; Venkatarayalu, N. ; Lee, R.
Jun-2005Investigation of numerical stability of 2D FE/FDTD Hybrid algorithm for different hybridization schemesVenkatarayalu, N. ; Gan, Y.-B. ; Li, L.-W. 
Nov-2005Multilayer dielectric filter design using a multiobjective evolutionary algorithmVenkatarayalu, N.V. ; Ray, T. ; Gan, Y.-B. 
Apr-2004On the numerical errors in the 2-D FE/FDTD algorithm for different hybridization schemesVenkatarayalu, N.V. ; Beng, G.Y. ; Li, L.-W. 
2004Optimum design of Yagi-Uda antennas using computational intelligenceVenkatarayalu, N.V. ; Ray, T. 
Jul-2006Removal of spurious DC modes in edge element solutions for modeling three-dimensional resonatorsVenkatarayalu, N.V. ; Lee, J.-F.
2007Simulation of electromagnetic radiation and scattering using hybrid higher order FETD-FDTD methodVenkatarayalu, N.V. ; Li, L.-W. 
2003Single and multi-objective design of Yagi-Uda antennas using computational intelligenceVenkatarayalu, N.V. ; Ray, T. 
2004Study on the behaviour and implementation of parent centric crossover within the Generalized Generation Gap modelRay, T. ; Venkatarayalu, N. ; Won, K.S. ; Chan, K.P.
2005Suppressing linear time growth in edge element based finite element time domain solution using divergence free constraint equationVenkatarayalu, N.V. ; Vouvakis, M.N.; Gan, Y.-B. ; Lee, J.-F.