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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Applying Bayesian hierarchical models to examine motorcycle crashes at signalized intersectionsHaque, M.M. ; Chin, H.C. ; Huang, H.
Mar-2003Applying the random effect negative binomial model to examine traffic accident occurrence at signalized intersectionsChin, H.C. ; Quddus, M.A.
2016Buckling up in Singapore: Residency and other risk factors for seatbelt non-compliance - A cross-sectional study based on trauma registry dataWong T.H. ; Lim G.H. ; Chow K.Y.; Zaw N.N.; Nguyen H.V.; Chin H.C. ; Ong M.E.H. 
Jun-2003Collection and evaluation of projected time gap using CAMDASWang, Z.; Chin, H.C. ; Lim, K.B. 
Nov-1990Column load balancing in prestressed concrete buildingLee, S.L. ; Tumilar, S.; Chin, H.C. 
2009Disaggregate propensity study on red light running crashes using quasi-induced exposure methodHuang, H.; Chin, H.C. 
2013Disclosing climate change patterns using an adaptive markov chain pattern detection methodWang, Z.; Lee, G.; Chan, H.M.; Li, R.; Fu, X.; Goh, R.; Poh Kim, P.A.W.; Hibberd, M.L.; Chin, H.C. 
Apr-1989Effect of automatic red-light cameras on red-runningChin, H.C. 
2006Effect of red light cameras on accident risk at intersectionsHuang, H.; Chin, H.C. ; Heng, A.H.H.
Jan-2012Effectiveness of red light cameras on the right-angle crash involvement of motorcyclesChin, H.C. ; Haque, Md.M. 
7-Sep-2016Elderly pedestrian injuries in SingaporeYueying Wang ; MD. Mazharul Haque; Hoong-Chor Chin 
2009Empirical evaluation of alternative approaches in identifying crash hot spotsHuang, H.; Chin, H.C. ; Haque, M. 
2014Environmental sustainability of urban road transport: An integrated analysis for life cycle emission impactRahman, M.H.; Chin, H.C. ; Haque, M.M.
Aug-2002Evaluating safety performance of road projectsChin, H.-C. ; Tan, E.
2008Examining exposure of motorcycles at signalized intersectionsMazharul Haque, M. ; Chin, H.C. ; Huang, H.
10-Jan-2019Factors affecting the injury severity of out-of-control single-vehicle crashesZhou, Mo; Chin, Hoong Chor 
2009Hierarchical modeling of perceived collision risks in port fairwaysDebnath, A.K. ; Chin, H.C. 
2003Identification of Accident Causal Factors and Prediction of Hazardousness of Intersection ApproachesKumara, S.S.P.; Chin, H.C. ; Weerakoon, W.M.S.B.
Sep-2006Influence of school accessibility on housing valuesChin, H.C. ; Foong, K.W.