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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Impact of amplifier beat and nonlinear phase noises on coherent optical communication systemLu, H.; Zhang, S.; Yu, C. ; Kam, P.Y. 
2009Impact of imperfect channel state information on ARQ schemes over Rayleigh fading channelsLe, C.; Pooi, Y.K. ; Meixia, T. 
2010Improved chirp parameter estimation using signal recovery methodLi, Y. ; Kam, P.Y. 
4-Jul-1996Improved sequence estimator for MPSK with carrier phase noiseKam, P.Y. ; Cheong, F.H.K.
4-Jul-1996Improved sequence estimator for MPSK with carrier phase noiseKam, P.Y. ; Cheong, F.H.K.
Jan-2005Improved signal constellations for differential unitary space-time modulations with more than two transmit antennasSoh, T.P.; Ng, C.S. ; Kam, P.Y. 
2008Improved weighted phase averager for frequency estimation of single sinusoid in noiseFu, H. ; Kam, P.Y. 
2009Improved, approximate, time-domain ML estimators of chirp signal parameters and their performance analysisLi, Y. ; Fu, H. ; Kam, P.Y. 
2010Instantaneous symbol error outage probability over fading channels with imperfect channel state informationWu, M. ; Kam, P.Y. 
2008Iterative decoding of BDPSK modulated LDPC codes using two-symbol-interval observationsNam, V.T.; Kam, P.Y. ; Xin, Y. 
2011Iterative decoding of LDPC-coded BDPSK with new LLR metric over the noncoherent channelZhang, J. ; Kam, P.-Y. 
2008Kalman estimation of single-tone parameters and performance comparison with MAP estimatorFu, H. ; Kam, P.Y. 
2011Laser linewidth tolerance of coherent optical 64QAM and 16PSK systems using decision-aided maximum likelihood phase estimationZhang, H. ; Kam, P.-Y. ; Yu, C. 
2009Laser linewidth tolerance of decision-aided maximum likelihood phase estimation in coherent optical M-ary PSK and QAM systemsZhang, S.; Kam, P.Y. ; Yu, C. ; Chen, J.
2007LDPC codes with BDPSK and differential detection over flat Rayleigh fading channelsNam, V.T.; Kam, P.Y. ; Xin, Y. 
2008Linear estimation of the frequency and phase of a noisy sinusoidFu, H. ; Kam, P.Y. 
2008LLR metrics for LDPC codes with quadrature differential PSK transmission, and their performancesMo, E.; Kam, P.Y. ; Armand, M.A. 
2012Log-likelihood metric for LDPC coded BDPSK-OFDM transmissionCao, S.; Kam, P.-Y. ; Yu, C. 
2008Log-likelihood metrics based on two-symbol-interval observations for LDPC codes with BDPSK transmissionMo, E.; Pooi, Y.K. 
2009Log-likelihood ratios for LDPC Codes with pilot-symbol-assisted BPSK transmission over flat Rayleigh fading channelsYuan, H.; Kam, P.Y.