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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Decision-aided phase estimation in single carrier and OFDM coherent optical communication systemsYu, C. ; Kam, P.-Y. ; Cao, S.
2012Decision-aided, pilot-aided, decision-feedback phase estimation for coherent optical OFDM systemsCao, S.; Kam, P.Y. ; Yu, C. 
2009Design of MAC with cooperative spectrum sensing in ad hoc cognitive radio networksZheng, S.; Liang, Y.-C.; Tham, C.-K.; Kam, P.Y. 
6-Jan-1994Differential detection of DPSK with frequency offset compensationKam, P.Y. ; Teong, L.C.; See, C.C.
2007Differential diversity reception of MDPSK over independent Rayleigh channels with nonidentical branch statistics and asymmetric fading spectrumFu, H. ; Kam, P.Y. 
2007Differential modulation and demodulation for decode-and-forward multiple relay systemsZhu, Y.; Xin, Y. ; Kam, P.-Y. 
Jan-2010Differential modulation for decode-and-forward multiple relay systemsZhu, Y.; Kam, P.-Y. ; Xin, Y.
15-Mar-2010Dual-stage cascaded frequency offset estimation for digital coherent receiversZhang, S.; Xu, L.; Yu, J.; Huang, M.-F.; Kam, P.Y. ; Yu, C. ; Wang, T.
2008Effect of doppler shift on performance of binary DPSK over fast rician fading channels with diversity receptionFu, H. ; Kam, P.Y. 
1997Efficient estimation of continuous phase modulation with unknown carrier phaseSome, Y.K.; Kam, P.Y. 
2013Error performance analysis of differential detection for amplify-and-forward relay systemsLin, X.; Wu, M.-W.; Kam, P.-Y. 
Jul-1994Error probability of 2DPSK with phase noiseKam, Pooi Yuen ; Seek, Kwai Yin; Tjhung, Tjeng Thiang ; Sinha, Pranesh 
2007Estimating the frequency and phase of a noisy sinusoid by Kalman filterKam, P.Y. ; Fu, H. 
2008Exact bit error probability of cooperative space-time block coding with amplify-and-forward strategyHe, J.; Pooi, Y.K. 
2008Exact phase noise model and its application to linear minimum variance estimation of frequency and phase of a noisy sinusoidFu, H. ; Kam, P.Y. 
2008Exact phase noise model for single-tone frequency estimation in noiseFu, H. ; Kam, P.Y. 
2012Experiment on coherent optical RZ 8-Star QAM systems using decision-aided maximum likelihood phase estimationZhang, H. ; Zhang, B.; Yu, C.; Kam, P.-Y. 
2010Experimental demonstration of decision-aided maximum likelihood phase estimation in 8-channel 42.8-Gbit/s DWDM coherent PolMux-QPSK systemZhang, S.; Xu, L.; Yu, J.; Kam, P.Y. ; Yu, C. ; Wang, T.
2011Exponential-type bounds on the first-order Marcum Q-functionFu, H. ; Kam, P.-Y.