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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Glycated matrix up-regulates inflammatory signaling similarly to Porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharideChang, P.-C. ; Chien, L.-Y.; Chong, L.Y.; Kuo, Y.-P.; Hsiao, J..-K.
2012Interrelationships of periodontitis and diabetes: A review of the current literatureChang, P.-C. ; Lim, L.P. 
2013Irradiation by light-emitting diode light as an adjunct to facilitate healing of experimental periodontitis in vivoChang, P.-C. ; Chien, L.-Y.; Ye, Y.; Kao, M.-J.
2012Patterns of diabetic periodontal wound repair: A study using micro-computed tomography and immunohistochemistryChang, P.-C. ; Chung, M.-C.; Wang, Y.-P.; Chien, L.-Y.; Lim, J.C.; Liang, K.; Chong, L.Y.; Kuo, Y.-P.; Chen, C.-H.; Chiang, H.-C.
Jun-2012PDGF-simvastatin delivery stimulates osteogenesis in heat-induced osteonecrosisChang, P.-C. ; Lim, L.P. ; Chong, L.Y.; Dovban, A.S.M.; Chien, L.-Y.; Chung, M.-C.; Lei, C.; Kao, M.-J.; Chen, C.-H.; Chiang, H.-C.; Kuo, Y.-P.; Wang, C.-H. 
2013Progression of periodontal destruction and the roles of advanced glycation end products in experimental diabetesChang, P.-C. ; Chien, L.-Y.; Yeo, J.F.; Wang, Y.-P.; Chung, M.-C.; Chong, L.Y.; Kuo, M.Y.-P.; Chen, C.-H.; Chiang, H.-C.; Ng, B.N.; Lee, Q.Q.; Phay, Y.K.; Ng, J.R.; Erk, K.Y.
1-Jan-2014Sequential platelet-derived growth factor-simvastatin release promotes dentoalveolar regenerationChang, P.-C. ; Chong, L.Y.; Dovban, A.S.M.; Lim, L.P. ; Lim, J.C.; Kuo, M.Y.-P.; Wang, C.-H.