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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A typology of animosity and its cross-national validationJung, K. ; Ang, S.H. ; Leong, S.M. ; Tan, S.J. ; Pornpitakpan, C. ; Kau, A.K. 
2004Animosity towards economic giants: What the little guys thinkAng, S.H. ; Jung, K.; Kau, A.K. ; Leong, S.M. ; Pornpitakpan, C.; Tan, S.J. 
1994Comparative advertising: Superiority despite interference?Ang, S.-H. ; Leong, S.-M. 
2001Crisis marketing: A comparison across economic scenariosAng, S.H. 
1999Effects of advertisement format on competitive interference in print advertisingLeong, S.M. ; Ang, S.H. ; Heng, F.
2002Effects of metaphoric advertising among mainland Chinese consumersSwee, H.A. 
1997Effects of physical environment and locus of control on service evaluation: A replication and extensionLeong, S.M. ; Ang, S.H. ; Hui Lin Low, L.
1997Effects of time processing orientation, agreement preferences and attitude towards foreign businessmen on negotiation adaptationAng, S.H ; Teo, G.
2000Exploring the dimensions of ad creativityAng, S.H. ; Low, S.Y.M.
2008Hedonic vs. utilitarian consumption: A cross-cultural perspective based on cultural conditioningLim, E.A.C.; Ang, S.H. 
1996Increasing Brand Name Recall in Print Advertising among Asian ConsumersLeong, S.M. ; Ang, S.H. ; Tham, L.L.
2003Interference of picture and brand name in a multiple linkage ad contextLee, Y.H. ; Ang, S.H. 
2000Out of the mouths of babes: Business ethics and youths in AsiaAng, S.H. ; Leong, S.M.
2009Processing idioms in advertising discourse: Effects of familiarity, literality, and compositionality on consumer ad responseLim, E.A.C.; Ang, S.H. ; Lee, Y.H. ; Leong, S.M. 
2001Spot the difference: Consumer responses towards counterfeitsAng, S.H. ; Cheng, P.S. ; Lim, E.A.C.; Tambyah, S.K. 
2007The ad creativity cube: conceptualization and initial validationAng, S.H. ; Lee, Y.H. ; Leong, S.M. 
2000The effects of personal value similarity on business negotiationsAng, S.H. ; Leong, S.M.; Teo, G.P.S.
1996The effects of picture-word consistency, processing motivation and repetition on advertisement recallAng, S.H. ; Leong, S.M. ; Lock, K.L.
1996The evaluation of time-dependent attributesAng, S.H. ; Gorn, G.J.; Weinberg, C.B.
2006The influence of metaphors and product type on brand personality perceptions and attitudesAng, S.H. ; Lim, E.A.C.