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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A luminance- and contrast-invariant edge-similarity measureKumar, S. ; Ong, S.H. ; Ranganath, S. ; Chew, F.T. 
2007A new probabilistic model for recognizing signs with systematic modulationsOng, S.C.W. ; Ranganath, S. 
1998A novel unrestricted center-biased diamond search algorithm for block motion estimationTham, J.Y. ; Ranganath, S. ; Ranganath, M.; Kassim, A.A. 
Jun-2006A rule-based approach for robust clump splittingKumar, S. ; Ong, S.H. ; Ranganath, S. ; Ong, T.C. ; Chew, F.T. 
2008A two-step approach for detecting individuals within dense crowdsSim, C.-H.; Rajmadhan, E.; Ranganath, S. 
2004A Web-based Intelligent Learning Environment for Digital SystemsKassim, A.A. ; Kazi, S.A. ; Ranganath, S. 
Jun-2002An integrated automatic face detection and recognition systemHock Koh, L.; Ranganath, S. ; Venkatesh, Y.V.
1999An integrated face detection and recognition systemKoh, L.H.; Ranganath, S. ; Lee, M.W.; Venkatesth, Y.V.
2006Attentive behavior detection by non-linear head pose embedding and mappingNan, H.; Weimin, H.; Ranganath, S. 
2008Automatic hand trajectory segmentation and phoneme transcription for sign languageKong, W.W.; Ranganath, S. 
Oct-2000Automatic IC orientation checksKassim, A.A. ; Zhou, H.; Ranganath, S. 
Jun-2005Automatic sign language analysis: A survey and the future beyond lexical meaningOng, S.C.W. ; Ranganath, S. 
2003Blink detection and eye tracking for eye localizationBhaskar, T.N.; Keat, F.T.; Ranganath, S. ; Venkatesh, Y.V.
2004Classification of gesture with layered meaningsOng, S.C.W. ; Ranganath, S. 
Apr-2008Cloud basis function neural network: A modified RBF network architecture for holistic facial expression recognitionDe Silva, C.R.; Ranganath, S. ; De Silva, L.C.
2004Co-operative multi-target tracking and classificationKumar, P.; Ranganath, S. ; Sengupta, K.; Weimin, H.
2002Comparison of wavelet and cosine basis for representation of arbitrarily shaped image segmentsLiu, Y.; Ranganath, S. ; Zhou, X.
Jun-1995Contour extraction from cardiac MRI studies using snakesRanganath, Surendra 
Dec-2006Cooperative multitarget tracking with efficient split and merge handlingKumar, P.; Ranganath, S. ; Sengupta, K.; Weimin, H.
2004Deciphering gestures with layered meanings and signer adaptationOng, S.C.W. ; Ranganath, S.