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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003PeerDB: A P2P-based system for distributed data sharingNg, W.S. ; Ooi, B.C. ; Tan, K.-L. ; Zhou, A.
2003PeerDB: Peering into Personal DatabasesOoi, B.C. ; Tan, K.-L. ; Zhou, A.; Goh, C.H. ; Li, Y. ; Liau, C.Y. ; Ling, B.; Ng, W.S. ; Shu, Y.; Wang, X.; Zhang, M. 
2004PeerStore: Better performance by relaxing in peer-to-peer backupLanders, M.; Zhang, H.; Tan, K.-L. 
2003Performance guaranteed rendering using the HDoV treeShou, L.; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Tan, K.L. 
2008POEMS: Peer-based overload managementNg, W.S.; Kalnis, P. ; Tan, K.-L. ; Kirchberg, M.
2008PPiClust: Effect clustering of 3D protein-protein interaction interfacesAung, Z.; Tan, S.-H.; Ng, S.-K.; Tan, K.-L. 
2003Preference-driven query processingEng, P.-K. ; Ooi, B.C. ; Sim, H.S.; Tan, K.-L. 
2012Privacy preservation in streaming data collectionNg, W.S.; Wu, H.; Wu, W.; Xiang, S.; Tan, K.-L. 
2008Private queries in location based services: Anonymizers are not necessaryGhinita, G.; Kalnis, P. ; Khoshgozaran, A.; Shahabi, C.; Tan, K.-L. 
2005Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE '05): PrefaceAntonio, B.; Bharat, B.; Elisa, B.; Tiziana, C.; Kajal, C.; Gajanan, C.; Alexander, D.; Lim, E.-P.; Embley David, W.; Howard, H.; Laender Alberto, H.F.; Gruenwald, L.; Mengchi, L.; Qing, L.; Shiyong, L.; Bamshad, M.; Ng, W.-K.; Stefano, P.; Passi, K.; Giuseppe, P.; Shoniregun Charles, A.; Scheuermann Peter, I.; Lee, T.K. ; Katsumi, T.; Can, T.; Christelle, V.; Xiaofang, Z.
1992Processing multi-join query in parallel systemsTan, Kian-Lee ; Lu, Hongjun 
2000Progressive evaluation of nested aggregate queriesTan, K.-L. ; Goh, C.H. ; Ooi, B.H. 
2013Publishing trajectories with differential privacy guaranteesJiang, K.; Shao, D.; Bressan, S. ; Kister, T.; Tan, K.-L. 
2013Publishing trajectory with differential privacy: A priori vs. a posteriori sampling mechanismsShao, D.; Jiang, K.; Kister, T.; Bressan, S. ; Tan, K.-L. 
2004PumaMart: A parallel and autonomous agents based internet marketplaceWang, Y.; Tan, K.-L. ; Ren, J.
2009QoS-oriented multi-query scheduling over data streamsWu, J.; Tan, K.-L. ; Zhou, Y.
2009Query allocation in wireless sensor networks with multiple base stationsXiang, S.; Zhou, Y.; Lim, H.-B.; Tan, K.-L. 
2009Query assurance verification for outsourced multi-dimensional databasesCheng, W.; Tan, K.-L. 
2000Query rewriting for SWIFT (first) answersTan, K.-L. ; Goh, C.H.; Ooi, B.C. 
2007Query-based watermarking for XML dataZhou, X.; Pang, H.H.; Tan, K.-L.