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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Parsimony hierarchies for inductive inferenceAmbainis, A.; Case, J.; Jain, S. ; Suraj, M.
2005Pattern of prescription of non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs in orthopaedic outpatient clinic of a North Indian tertiary care hospitalGupta M.; Malhotra S.; Jain S. ; Aggarwal A.; Pandhi P.
2001Predictive learning models for concept driftCase, J.; Jain, S. ; Kaufmann, S.; Sharma, A.; Stephan, F.
2008Prescribed learning of indexed familiesJain, S. ; Stephan, F. ; Nan, Y. 
2009Prescribed learning of r.e. classesJain, S. ; Stephan, F. ; Ye, N. 
1993Probability is more powerful than team for language identification from positive dataJain, Sanjay ; Sharma, Arun
23-May-1994Program size restrictions in computational learningJain, S. ; Sharma, A.
1996Program synthesis in the presence of infinite number of inaccuraciesJain, S. 
May-1995Prudence in vacillatory language identificationJain, S. ; Sharma, A.
2010Regular patterns, regular languages and context-free languagesJain, S. ; Ong, Y.S.; Stephan, F. 
2007Results on memory-limited U-shaped learningCarlucci, L.; Case, J.; Jain, S. ; Stephan, F. 
2005Retinal arterial occlusion in Takayasu's arteritisKaushik S.; Gupta A.; Gupta V.; Jain S. ; Lal V.
2011Rice and Rice-Shapiro theorems for transfinite correction grammarsCase, J.; Jain, S. 
1999Robust Behaviorally Correct LearningJain, S. 
2004Robust learning - Rich and poorCase, J.; Jain, S. ; Stephan, F.; Wiehagen, R.
2000Robust learning aided by contextCase, J.; Jain, S. ; Ott, M.; Sharma, A.; Stephan, F.
2001Robust learning is richJain, S. ; Smith, C.; Wiehagen, R.
2011Robust learning of automatic classes of languagesJain, S. ; Martin, E.; Stephan, F. 
2001Some independence results for control structures in complete numberingsJain, S. ; Nessel, J.
2007Some natural conditions on incremental learningJain, S. ; Lange, S.; Zilles, S.