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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Branch and bound on the network modelJain, S. 
Aug-1994Characterizing language identification by standardizing operationsJain, S. ; Sharma, A.
6-Mar-1997Characterizing language identification in terms of computable numberingsJain, S. ; Sharma, A.
2004Classes with easily learnable subclassesJain, S. ; Menzel, W.; Stephan, F.
2011Closed left-r.e. setsJain, S. ; Stephan, F. ; Teutsch, J.
2016Closed left-r.e. setsJain S. ; Stephan F. ; Teutsch J. 
10-Oct-1996Computational Limits on Team Identification of LanguagesJain, S. ; Sharma, A.
2009Consistent partial identificationJain, S. ; Stephan, F. 
2002Control structures in hypothesis spaces: The influence on learningCase, J.; Jain, S. ; Suraj, M.
2001Costs of general purpose learningCase, J.; Chen, K.-J.; Jain, S. 
2004Counting extensional differences in BC-learningJain, S. ; Stephan, F.; Terwijn, S.A.
2013Effectivity questions for Kleene's Recursion TheoremCase, J.; Jain, S. ; Stephan, F. 
2018Effectivity questions for Kleene's recursion theoremCase J.; Jain S. ; Stephan F. 
1996Elementary formal systems, intrinsic complexity, and procrastinationJain, Sanjay ; Sharma, Arun
10-Jan-1997Elementary Formal Systems, Intrinsic Complexity, and ProcrastinationJain, S. ; Sharma, A.
2012Enlarging learnable classesJain, S. ; Kötzing, T.; Stephan, F. 
2016Enlarging learnable classesJain S. ; Kötzing T.; Stephan F. 
5-Apr-1994Extremes in the degrees of inferabilityFortnow, L.; Gasarch, W.; Jain, S. ; Kinber, E.; Kummer, M.; Kurtz, S.; Pleszkovich, M.; Slaman, T.; Solovay, R.; Stephan, F.
Sep-1995Finite Identification of Functions by Teams with Success Ratio 1 2 and AboveJain, S. ; Sharma, A.; Velauthapillai, M.
2018Finitely generated semiautomatic groupsJain S. ; Khoussainov B.; Stephan F.