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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Mapping statecharts to verilog for hardware/software co-specificationQin, S.; Chin, W.-N. 
2005Memory usage verification for OO programsChin, W.-N. ; Nguyen, H.H.; Qin, S.; Rinard, M.
2009Memory usage verification using Hip/SleekHe, G.; Qin, S.; Luo, C.; Chin, W.-N. 
2007Multiple pre/post specifications for heap-manipulating methodsChin, W.-N. ; David, C.; Nguyen, H.H.; Qin, S.
2009Optimizing the parallel computation of linear recurrences using compact matrix representationsNistor, A.; Chin, W.-N. ; Tan, T.-S. ; Tapus, N.
1998Parallelization via context preservationChin, Wei-Ngan ; Takano, Akihiko; Hu, Zhenjiang
2012Proceedings for FTfJP 2012: The 14th Workshop on Formal Techniques for Java-Like Programs - Co-located with ECOOP 2012 and PLDI 2012, Papers Presented at the Workshop: ForewordChin, W.-N. ; Hobor, A. 
2006Redundant call elimination via tuplingChin, W.-N. ; Khoo, S.-C. ; Jones, N.
Mar-1995Reexamination of 'optimization of array subscript range checks'Chin, Wei-Ngan ; Goh, Eak-Khoon
2004Region inference for an object-oriented languageChin, W.-N. ; Craciun, F. ; Qin, S. ; Rinard, M.
2004Region inference for an object-oriented languageChin, W.-N. ; Craciun, F. ; Qin, S. ; Rinard, M.
2008Runtime checking for separation logicNguyen, H.H.; Kuncak, V.; Chin, W.-N. 
2005Runtime-coordinated scalable incremental checksum testing of combinational circuitsAndrei, Ş. ; Chin, W.-N. ; Cheng, A.M.K.; Zhu, Y.
1992Safe fusion of functional expressionsChin, Wei-Ngan 
2004Self-embedded context-free grammars with regular counterpartsAndrei, S. ; Chin, W.-N. ; Cavadini, S.V.
2004Solving a class of higher-order equations over a group structureAndrei, Ş. ; Chin, W.-N. 
2010Stack bound inference for abstract Java BytecodeWang, S.; Qiu, Z.; Qin, S.; Chin, W.-N. 
2011Structured specifications for better verification of heap-manipulating programsGherghina, C.; David, C.; Qin, S.; Chin, W.-N. 
2005Systematic debugging of real-time systems based on incremental satisfiability countingAndrei, Ş.; Chin, W.-N. ; Cheng, A.M.K.; Lupu, M.
2010Test case generation for adequacy of floating-point to fixed-point conversionPham, T.-H.; Truong, A.-H.; Chin, W.-N. ; Aoshima, T.