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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Cognitive workload estimation due to vague visual stimuli using saccadic eye movementsBodala, I. P.; Ke, Yu; Mir, H.; Thakor, Nitish Vyomesh ; Al-Nashash, H.
2015Correlation between muscular and nerve signals responsible for hand grasping in non-human primatesSheshadri, S.; Kortelainen, J.; Nag, S.; Ng, Kian Ann ; Bazley, F. A.; MIchoud, F.; Patil, Anoop; Orellana, J.; Lebedinsky, C.; Lahiri, Amitabha; Chan, L.; Chng, K.; Cutrone, A.; Bossi, S.; Thakor, Nitish Vyomesh ; Delgado-Martinez, I.; Yen, Shih-Cheng 
23-Jul-2019Cortical Functional Connectivity During Praxis in Autism Spectrum DisorderBezerianos Anastasios ; Harvy, Jonathan ; Joshua, Ewen; Junhua, Li ; Thakor, Nitish 
2013Design and implementation of a human ECoG simulator for testing brain-machine interfacesFifer, M.S.; Milsap, G.W.; Greenwald, E.; McMullen, D.P.; Anderson, W.S.; Thakor, N.V. ; Crone, N.E.; Vinjamuri, R.
2-Nov-2014Effect of isoflurane on somatosensory evoked potentials in a rat modelKortelainen, Jukka ; Vipin, Ashwati ; Thow, Xin Yuan ; Mir, Hasan; Thakor, Nitish ; Al-Nashash, Hasan; All, Angelo 
2014Effective connectivity patterns associated with P300 Unmask differences in the level of attention/cognition between normal and disabled subjectsDimitriadis, S.I.; Sun, Y. ; Laskaris, N.A.; Thakor, N. ; Bezerianos, A. 
2015Enabling Wireless powering and telemetry for peripheral nerve implantsJegadeesan, Rangarajan; Nag, Sudip; Agarwal, Kush ; Thakor, Nitish Vyomesh ; Guo, Yongxin 
2015ERP signal estimation from single trial EEGMir, H.; Prasad, I.; Yu, Ke; Thakor, Nitish Vyomesh ; Al-Nashash, H.
2015Fluorogens with aggregation induced emission: Ideal photoacoustic contrast reagents due to intramolecular rotationGeng Jun Long ; Liao Lun De ; Qin Wei; Tang Ben Zhong; Thakor Nitis ; Liu Bin 
2013Imaging of temperature dependent hemodynamics in the rat sciatic nerve by functional photoacoustic microscopyLiao L.-D. ; Orellana J. ; Liu Y.-H. ; Lin Y.-R.; Vipin A. ; Thakor N.V. ; Shen K. ; Wilder-Smith E. 
2017Intranasal post-cardiac arrest treatment with orexin-A facilitates arousal from coma and ameliorates neuroinflammationModi H.R.; Wang Q.; Sahithi G.D.; Sherman D.; Greenwald E.; Savonenko A.V.; Geocadin R.G.; Thakor N.V. 
6-Jan-2014Investigation of nerve injury through microfluidic devicesSiddique, R.; Thakor, N. 
2010MicroRNA expression profiling of oligodendrocyte differentiation from human embryonic stem cellsLetzen B.S.; Liu C.; Thakor N.V. ; Gearhart J.D.; All A.H.; Kerr C.L.
27-Mar-2018Molecular Engineering of Photoacoustic Performance by Chalcogenide Variation in Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles for Brain Vascular ImagingLiu, Jie ; Cai, Xiaolei ; Pan, Han-Chi; Bandla, Aishwarya ; Chuan, Chan Kim ; Wang, Shaowei ; Thakor, Nitish ; Liao, Lun-De ; Liu, Bin 
Jun-2013Neuronal activity promotes myelination via a cAMP pathwayMalone, M.; Gary, D.; Yang, I.H. ; Miglioretti, A.; Houdayer, T.; Thakor, N. ; Mcdonald, J.
2015Neuroprosthetic limb control with electrocorticography: approaches and challengesThakor, Nitish Vyomesh ; Fifer, M. S.; Hotson, G.; Benz, H. L.; Newman, G. I.; Milsap, G. W.; Crone, N. E.
30-Apr-2013Neurovascular coupling: In vivo optical techniques for functional brain imagingLiao, L.-D. ; Tsytsarev, V.; Delgado-Martínez, I. ; Li, M.-L.; Erzurumlu, R.; Vipin, A. ; Orellana, J. ; Lin, Y.-R.; Lai, H.-Y.; Chen, Y.-Y.; Thakor, N.V. 
1-Aug-2017Organic molecules with propeller structures for efficient photoacoustic imaging and photothermal ablation of cancer cellsCai, X ; Liu, J ; Liew, WH; Duan, Yukun ; Geng, J ; Thakor, N ; Yao, K ; Liao, LD ; Liu, B 
11-Mar-2014Organometallic carbonyl clusters: A new class of contrast agents for photoacoustic cerebral vascular imagingKong, K.V.; Liao, L.-D.; Lam, Z.; Thakor, N.V. ; Leong, W.K.; Olivo, M.
18-Oct-2018Photoacoustic and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Bimodal Contrast Agent Displaying Amplified Photoacoustic SignalDuan, Yukun ; Xu, Yu; Mao, Duo ; Liew, Weng Heng; Guo, Bing ; Wang, Shaowei ; Cai, Xiaolei ; Thakor, Nitish ; Yao, Kui; Zhang, Chong-Jing; Liu, Bin