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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993A new DR11 allele in Singaporean ChineseLin, Y.N. ; Ren, E.C. ; Chan, S.H. 
Jan-1996A new pre-S containing recombinant hepatitis B vaccine and its effect on non-responders: A preliminary observationYap, I. ; Chan, S.H. 
1998A Palladium Complex Promoted Asymmetric Synthesis of a Novel P-Chiral Diphosphine Containing an Ester Functional GroupSong, Y.; Mok, K.F. ; Leung, P.-H. ; Chan, S.-H. 
2005A population-based LD map of the human chromosome 6pYu, H.X. ; Chia, J.-M. ; Chan, S.H. ; Ren, E.C. ; Bourque, G. ; Wong, M.V. 
2009Activation of macrophages by polysaccharide-protein complex from Lycium barbarum L.Chen, Z. ; Mei, Y.S.; Srinivasan, N.; Soh, H.C. ; Tan, B.K.H.
2008Activation of T lymphocytes by polysaccharide-protein complex from Lycium barbarum L.Chen, Z. ; Chan, S.H. ; Kwong, Huat Tan B.
2008Activation of T lymphocytes by polysaccharide-protein complex from Lycium barbarum L.Chen, Z. ; Kwong, Huat Tan B. ; Chan, S.H. 
2001Antibody response to Epstein-Barr virus Rta protein in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma a new serologic parameter for diagnosisFeng, P. ; Chan, S.H. ; Soo, M.Y.R.; Ren, E.C. ; Hu, A. ; Liu, D.; Guan, M.
2008Asian population frequencies and haplotype distribution of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIR) genes among Chinese, Malay, and Indian in SingaporeLee, Y.C. ; Chan, S.H. ; Ren, E.C. 
1997Association between microsatellites within the human MHC and nasopharyngeal carcinomaOoi, E.E. ; Ren, E.C. ; Chan, S.H. 
2003Associations of HLA microsatellites with rheumatoid arthritis in Singaporean ChineseYu, H.X. ; Ren, E.C. ; Chan, S.H. 
Jan-1996Biomarkers: A molecular approach to cancer epidemiologyShi, C.Y. ; Seow, A. ; Lin, Y. ; Chia, K.S. ; Ong, C.N. ; Chan, S.H. ; Lee, H.P. 
2001Blocking L-selectin and α4-integrin changes donor cell homing pattern and ameliorates murine acute graft versus host diseaseLi, B.; New, J.Y.; Yap, E.H. ; Chan, S.H. ; Hu, A. ; Lu, J. 
Jan-1996C4 and 21-hydroxylase gene deletions in nasopharyngeal carcinoma among the ChineseLim, M.; Chan, S.H. 
1995Cloning and characterization of two processed p53 pseudogenes from the rat genomeLin, Y. ; Chan, S.-H. 
2002Comparison of three methods for respiratory virus detection between induced sputum and nasopharyngeal aspirate specimens in acute asthmaXiang, X. ; Qiu, D. ; Chan, S.H. ; Tan, W.C. ; Chan, K.P.; Hegele, R.G.
1985Correlation of steroid receptors with histologic differentiation in mammary carcinoma. A Singapore experienceChua, D.Y.F.; Pang, M.W.Y.; Rauff, A.; Aw, S.E.; Chan, S.H. 
May-2004Delaying acute graft-versus-host disease in mouse bone marrow transplantation by treating donor cells with antibodies directed at L-selectin and α4-integrin prior to infusionLi, B.; New, J.Y. ; Tay, Y.K.; Goh, E.; Yap, E.H. ; Chan, S.H. ; Hu, H.Z.
2001Dengue seroepidemiology in SingaporeOoi, E.E. ; Tan, H.C.; Chan, S.H. ; Hart, T.J.
2000Depletion of activated alloreactive T cells in prevention of acute graft-versus-host diseaseHu, H.Z. ; New, J.Y.; Li, B.; Chan, S.H. ; Yap, E.H.