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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jan-2014Identification and molecular characterization of human antibody fragments specific for dengue NS5 proteinZhao, Y.; Moreland, N.J.; Tay, M.Y.F.; Lee, C.C.; Swaminathan, K. ; Vasudevan, S.G. 
2015Identification of covalent active site inhibitors of dengue virus proteaseKoh-Stenta X.; Joy J.; Wang S.F.; Kwek P.Z.; Wee J.L.K.; Wan K.F.; Gayen S.; Chen A.S.; Kang C.; Lee M.A.; Poulsen A. ; Vasudevan S.G ; Hill J. ; Nacro K.
31-May-2011Immune surveillance by mast cells during dengue infection promotes natural killer (NK) and NKT-cell recruitment and viral clearanceSt. John, A.L. ; Rathore, A.P.S. ; Yap, H.; Ng, M.-L.; Metcalfe, D.D.; Vasudevan, S.G. ; Abraham, S.N.
31-May-2011Immune surveillance by mast cells during dengue infection promotes natural killer (NK) and NKT-cell recruitment and viral clearanceSt. John, A.L. ; Rathore, A.P.S. ; Yap, H.; Ng, M.-L.; Metcalfe, D.D.; Vasudevan, S.G. ; Abraham, S.N.
3-Dec-2008Insights into RNA unwinding and ATP hydrolysis by the flavivirus NS3 proteinLuo, D.; Xu, T.; Watson, R.P.; Scherer-Becker, D.; Sampath, A.; Jahnke, W.; Yeong, S.S.; Wang, C.H.; Lim, S.P.; Strongin, A.; Vasudevan, S.G. ; Lescar, J.
26-Jul-2011Ligation of Fc gamma receptor IIB inhibits antibody-dependent enhancement of dengue virus infectionChan, K.R.; Zhang, S.L.-X.; Tan, H.C.; Chan, Y.K.; Chow, A.; Lim, A.P.C.; Vasudevan, S.G. ; Hanson, B.J.; Ooi, E.E.
Jan-2012Monoclonal antibodies against dengue NS2B and NS3 proteins for the study of protein interactions in the flaviviral replication complexMoreland, N.J.; Tay, M.Y.F.; Lim, E.; Rathore, A.P.S. ; Lim, A.P.C.; Hanson, B.J.; Vasudevan, S.G. 
11-Jul-2008Mutagenesis of the dengue virus type 2 NS5 methyltransferase domainKroschewski, H.; Siew, P.L.; Butcher, R.E.; Thai, L.Y.; Lescar, J.; Wright, P.J.; Vasudevan, S.G. ; Davidson, A.D.
Dec-2012Nano-sized albumin-copolymer micelles for efficient doxorubicin deliveryWu, Y.; Shih, E.K.; Ramanathan, A.; Vasudevan, S. ; Weil, T. 
Dec-2009NMR analysis of the dynamic exchange of the NS2B cofactor between open and closed conformations of the West Nile virus NS2B-NS3 proteaseSu, X.-C.; Ozawa, K.; Qi, R.; Vasudevan, S.G. ; Lim, S.P.; Otting, G.
15-Dec-2017NS3 helicase from dengue virus specifically recognizes viral RNA sequence to ensure optimal replication.Swarbrick, C.M.D.; CHANDRAKALA BASAVANNACHARYA ; CHAN WING KI KITTI ; CHAN SHU ANN ; DALJIT SINGH ; WEI NA ; Phoo, W.W.; Luo, D.; Lescar, J.; VASUDEVAN SUBHASH 
Sep-2013Nuclear localization of dengue virus (DENV) 1-4 non-structural protein 5; protection against all 4 DENV serotypes by the inhibitor IvermectinTay, M.Y.F.; Fraser, J.E.; Chan, W.K.K.; Moreland, N.J.; Rathore, A.P. ; Wang, C.; Vasudevan, S.G. ; Jans, D.A.
Mar-2012Phage display approaches for the isolation of monoclonal antibodies against dengue virus envelope domain III from human and mouse derived librariesMoreland, N.J.; Susanto, P.; Lim, E.; Tay, M.Y.F.; Rajamanonmani, R.; Hanson, B.J.; Vasudevan, S.G. 
19-Mar-2020Pyridobenzothiazolones Exert Potent Anti-Dengue Activity by Hampering Multiple Functions of NS5 PolymeraseRolando Cannalire; Kitti Wing Ki Chan; Maria Sole Burali; Chin Piaw Gwee; Sai Wang; Andrea Astolfi; Serena Massari; Stefano Sabatini; Oriana Tabarrin; Eloise Mastrangelo; Maria Letizia Barreca; Violetta Cecchetti; VASUDEVAN SUBHASH ; Giuseppe Manfroni
7-Dec-2012Rapid determination of protein stability and ligand binding by differential scanning fluorimetry of GFP-tagged proteinsMoreau, M.J.J.; Morin, I.; Askin, S.P.; Cooper, A.; Moreland, N.J.; Vasudevan, S.G. ; Schaeffer, P.M.
2010Structure of the Adenylylation Domain of E. coli Glutamine Synthetase Adenylyl Transferase: Evidence for Gene Duplication and Evolution of a New Active SiteXu, Y.; Carr, P.D.; Vasudevan, S.G. ; Ollis, D.L.
Mar-2011Structure-guided fragment-based in silico drug design of dengue protease inhibitorsKnehans, T.; Schüller, A. ; Doan, D.N.; Nacro, K.; Hill, J.; Güntert, P.; Madhusudhan, M.S.; Weil, T.; Vasudevan, S.G. 
Apr-2013Sulfated Polysaccharide, Curdlan Sulfate, Efficiently Prevents Entry/Fusion and Restricts Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Dengue Virus Infection In Vitro: A Possible Candidate for Clinical ApplicationIchiyama, K.; Gopala Reddy, S.B.; Zhang, L.F.; Chin, W.X.; Muschin, T.; Heinig, L.; Suzuki, Y.; Nanjundappa, H.; Yoshinaka, Y.; Ryo, A.; Nomura, N.; Ooi, E.E.; Vasudevan, S.G. ; Yoshida, T.; Yamamoto, N.
26-Jun-2019A T164S mutation in the dengue virus NS1 protein is associated with greater disease severity in miceChan, Kitti Wing Ki; Watanabe, Satoru; Jin, Jocelyn Y; Pompon, Julien; Teng, Don; Alonso, Sylvie ; Vijaykrishna, Dhanasekaran ; Halstead, Scott B; Marzinek, Jan K ; Bond, Peter J ; Burla, Bo ; Torta, Federico; Wenk, Markus R ; Ooi, Eng Eong ; Vasudevan, Subhash G 
2016The C-terminal 18 Amino Acid Region of Dengue Virus NS5 Regulates its Subcellular Localization and Contains a Conserved Arginine Residue Essential for Infectious Virus ProductionTay M.Y.F.; Smith K.; Ng I.H.W.; Chan K.W.K.; Zhao Y.; Ooi E.E. ; Lescar J.; Luo D.; Jans D.A.; Forwood J.K.; Vasudevan S.G.