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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Medical image reconstruction from sparse samples using simultaneous perturbation stochastic optimizationVenkatesh, Y.V. ; Kassim, A.A. ; Zonoobi, D.
2002Modeling Layered Meaning with Gesture ParametersOng, S.C.W. ; Ranganath, S. ; Venkatesh, Y.V. 
Apr-2006Multiple contour extraction from graylevel images using an artificial neural networkVenkatesh, Y.V. ; Raja, S.K.; Ramya, N.
2009On a frequency-domain L2-stability condition for a class of switched linear systemsHuang, Z.; Xiang, C. ; Venkatesh, Y.V. ; Lee, T. 
Nov-2007On the application of a modified self-organizing neural network to estimate stereo disparityVenkatesh, Y.V. ; Raja, S.K.; Kumar, A.J.
1-Oct-2012On the simultaneous recognition of identity and expression from BU-3DFE datasetsVenkatesh, Y.V. ; Kassim, A.A. ; Yuan, J.; Nguyen, T.D.
2006On the uncertainty inequality as applied to discrete signalsVenkatesh, Y.V. ; Raja, S.K.; Vidyasagar, G.
2010Resampling approach to facial expression recognition using 3D meshesVenkatesh, Y.V. ; Kassim, A.K. ; Murthy, O.V.R. 
1-Apr-2002Segmentation of color images using a two-stage self-organizing networkOng, S.H. ; Yeo, N.C.; Lee, K.H. ; Venkatesh, Y.V. ; Cao, D.M.
2002Synthesis of Visual Textures and Perceptual Asymmetry of Visual Texture PerceptionZhou, S.; Venkatesh, Y.V. ; Ko, C.C. 
Sep-2006Understanding gestures with systematic variations in movement dynamicsOng, S.C.W. ; Ranganath, S. ; Venkatesh, Y.V.