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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Improved profiles of photonic crystals in lithium niobate by truncating tapered bottomsSi, G.; Teo, E.J. ; Deng, J.; Bettiol, A.A. ; Teng, J.; Danner, A.J. 
2006Integrating photonic and microfluidic structures on a device fabricated using proton beam writingBettiol, A.A. ; Teo, E.J. ; Udalagama, C.N.B. ; Venugopal Rao, S.; Van Kan, J.A. ; Shao, P.G. ; Watt, F. 
Sep-2000Investigation of molybdenum-carbon films (Mo-C:H) deposited using an electron cyclotron resonance chemical vapor deposition systemRusli; Yoon, S.F.; Huang, Q.F.; Yang, H.; Yu, M.B.; Ahn, J.; Zhang, Q.; Teo, E.J. ; Osipowicz, T. ; Watt, F. 
1-Nov-1999Investigation of tungsten incorporated amorphous carbon filmRusli; Yoon, S.F.; Yang, H.; Ahn, J.; Huang, Q.F.; Zhang, Q.; Guo, Y.P. ; Yang, C.Y. ; Teo, E.J. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Huan, A.C.H. 
Jun-2005Ion beam lithography and nanofabrication: A reviewWatt, F. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Van Kan, J.A. ; Teo, E.J. ; Breese, M.B.H. 
Sep-2003Ionoluminescence and ion beam induced secondary electron imaging of cubic boron nitrideTeo, E.J. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Udalagama, C.N.B. ; Watt, F. 
Feb-2001Metal-containing amorphous carbon film development using electron cyclotron resonance CVDRusli, H.; Yoon, S.F.; Huang, Q.F.; Ahn, J.; Zhang, Q.; Yang, H.; Wu, Y.S.; Teo, E.J. ; Osipowicz, T. ; Watt, F. 
2006Micro-patterned porous silicon using proton beam writingBreese, M.B.H. ; Mangaiyarkarasi, D. ; Teo, E.J. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Blackwood, D. 
1-May-2010Micromachining of amplitude and phase modulated reflective computer generated hologram patterns in siliconOw, Y.S. ; Breese, M.B.H. ; Leng, Y.R.; Azimi, S.; Teo, E.J. ; Sun, X.W.
5-Jan-2006Multicolor photoluminescence from porous silicon using focused, high-energy helium ionsTeo, E.J. ; Breese, M.B.H. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Mangaiyarkarasi, D. ; Champeaux, F.; Watt, F. ; Blackwood, D.J. 
Aug-2005New developments in the applications of proton beam writingMistry, P.; Gomez-Morilla, I.; Grime, G.W.; Webb, R.P.; Gwilliam, R.; Cansell, A.; Merchant, M.; Kirkby, K.J.; Teo, E.J. ; Breese, M.B.H. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Blackwood, D.J. ; Watt, F. 
2007Novel fabrication techniques for silicon photonicsReed, G.T.; Yang, P.Y.; Headley, W.R.; Waugh, P.M.; Mashanovich, G.Z.; Thomson, D.; Gwilliam, R.M.; Teo, E.J. ; Blackwood, D.J. ; Breese, M.B.H. ; Bettiol, A.A. 
2010Novel types of silicon waveguides fabricated using proton beam irradiationTeo, E.J. ; Yang, P.; Xiong, B.Q.; Breese, M.B.H. ; Mashanovich, G.Z.; Ow, Y.S. ; Reed, G.T.; Bettiol, A.A. 
30-Jan-2004Observation of Many Coherent Oscillations for MeV Protons Transmitted through Stacking FaultsBreese, M.B.H. ; Teo, E.J. ; Rana, M.A.; Huang, L.; Van Kan, J.A. ; Watt, F. ; King, P.J.C.
May-2002Optimal geometry for GeSi/Si super-lattice structure RBS investigationWielunski, L.S.; Osipowicz, T. ; Teo, E.J. ; Watt, F. ; Tok, E.S. ; Zhang, J.
2006Patterning light emitting porous silicon using helium beam irradiationTeo, E.J. ; Breese, M.B.H. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Champeaux, F.; Blackwood, D.J. 
20-May-2008Potentiostatic formation of porous silicon in dilute HF: Evidence that nanocrystal size is not restricted by quantum confinementWijesinghe, T.L.S.L. ; Teo, E.J. ; Blackwood, D.J. 
May-2002Proton beam micromachining: Electron emission from SU-8 resist during ion beam irradiationBettiol, A.A. ; Rajta, I. ; Teo, E.J. ; Van Kan, J.A. ; Watt, F. 
15-Oct-2011Proton beam writing of long, arbitrary structures for micro/nano photonics and fluidics applicationsUdalagama, C. ; Teo, E.J. ; Chan, S.F.; Kumar, V.S.; Bettiol, A.A. ; Watt, F. 
Apr-2005Proton beam writing of microstructures in siliconBreese, M.B.H. ; Teo, E.J. ; Mangaiyarkarasi, D. ; Champeaux, F.; Bettiol, A.A. ; Blackwood, D.