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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2003Marketing in Singapore : macro trends and their implications for marketing management - 2003 update and extensionWirtz, Jochen ; Chung, Cindy M. Y.
Dec-2001Marketing in Singapore : Macro trends and their implications for marketing management for 2002 and the years beyondWirtz, Jochen ; Chung, Cindy M. Y.
Nov-1995Marketing in Singapore : macro trends and their implications for marketing management-1995 update and extensionWirtz, Jochen 
1995Marketing in Singapore: An analysis off macro trendsWirtz, J. 
2013Message from program co-chairsHwang, S.-Y.; Sung, T.-J.; Wirtz, J. 
2010Opportunistic customer claiming during service recoveryWirtz, J. ; McColl-Kennedy, J.R.
2011Optimizing referral reward programs under impression management considerationsXiao, P. ; Tang, C.S.; Wirtz, J. 
2002Perceived fairness of demand-based pricing for restaurantsKimes, S.E.; Wirtz, J. 
2009Perceived service encounter pace and customer satisfaction: An empirical study of restaurant experiencesNoone, B.M.; Kimes, S.E.; Mattila, A.S.; Wirtz, J. 
2-Sep-2019Platforms in the peer-to-peer sharing economyWirtz, Jochen ; So, Kevin Kam Fung; Mody, Makarand Amrish; Liu, Stephanie Q; Chun, HaeEun Helen
Feb-1996Propositions on how to reduce halo effects in attribute-specific customer satisfaction measuresWirtz, Jochen 
Dec-1999Recent advances in understanding and managing consumer word-of-mouthChew, Patricia ; Wirtz, Jochen 
Apr-1996Reducing halo in satisfaction measures of service attributesWirtz, Jochen ; Loh, Kah Lan
2009Regulatory focus theory, trust, and privacy concernWirtz, J. ; Lwin, M.O.
May-2002Segmentation of library visitors in Singapore : learning and reading-related lifestylesKau, Ah Keng ; Kwon, Jung ; Wirtz, Jochen 
Jun-1997Selecting appropriate customer satisfaction measures : first steps towards a normative frameworkWirtz, Jochen ; Lee, Meng Chung
30-Mar-2016Services Marketing People, Technology, StrategyWIRTZ,JOCHEN ; Lovelock, Christopher
Apr-1999Should a firm with a reputation for outstanding service quality offer a service guaranteeWirtz, Jochen ; Kum, Doreen ; Lee, Khai Sheang 
Jan-2002Singapore Airlines : what it takes to sustain service excellence - a senior management perspectiveWirtz, Jochen ; Johnston, Robert
2014Singapore Airlines: Achieving Sustainable Advantage Through Mastering ParadoxHeracleous, L.; Wirtz, J.