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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1999Consumer cheating on service guarantees : an experimental studyWirtz, Jochen ; Kum, Doreen 
Apr-2003Consumer complaining to firms : the determinants of channel choiceWirtz, Jochen ; Mattila, Anna S. 
Jun-2003Consumer responses to compensation, speed of recovery and apology after a service failureWirtz, Jochen ; Mattila, Anna S. 
2004Consumer responses to compensation, speed of recovery and apology after a service failureWirtz, J. ; Mattila, A.S.
1999Consumer satisfaction with services: Integrating the environment perspective in services marketing into the traditional disconfirmation paradigmWirtz, J. ; Bateson, J.E.G.
2009Creative restruction - how business services drive economic evolutionWirtz, J. ; Ehret, M.
2010Customers behaving badly: A state of the art review, research agenda and implications for practitionersFisk, R.; Grove, S.; Harris, L.C.; Keeffe, D.A.; Daunt, K.L.; Russell-Bennett, R.; Wirtz, J. 
Jul-1999Designing service guarantees : is full satisfaction the best you can guaranteeWirtz, Jochen ; Kum, Doreen 
Oct-2000Determinants of consumer cheating on service guarantees : results from three experimental studiesWirtz, Jochen ; Kum, Doreen 
Jun-1999Determinants of effective membership marketing : towards a research agendaKum, Doreen ; Wirtz, Jochen 
Nov-2003Determinants of unethical and opportunistic behavior of consumersKum, Doreen ; Wirtz, Jochen 
1998Development of a service guarantee modelWirtz, J. 
Oct-1995Development of a service quality measurement scale for airline passenger servicesWirtz, Jochen ; Shamdasani, Prem N. 
Jul-1998Examining the strategic role of unused service capacity - a theory-in-use approachNg, Irene C. L.; Wirtz, Jochen ; Lee, Khai Sheang 
2001Exploring the Role of Alternative Perceived Performance Measures and Needs-Congruency in the Consumer Satisfaction ProcessWirtz, J. ; Mattila, A.
May-2013Firms' Intentions to Use Nonownership ServicesWittkowski, K.; Moeller, S.; Wirtz, J. 
Apr-1998From entrepot to NIC - economic and structural policy aspects of Singapore's developmentMenkhoff, Thomas ; Wirtz, Jochen 
Nov-1999Growth of the service sector in AsiaWirtz, Jochen 
Dec-1996Halo in consumer satisfaction : an experimental study of the presence, magnitude and impact of haloWirtz, Jochen ; Kwok, David Peng Kwan
2003Halo in customer satisfaction measures: The role of purpose of rating, number of attributes and customer involvementWirtz, J.