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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Accurate extraction of the series resistance of aluminum local back surface field silicon wafer solar cellsChen, Jia; Du, Zheren ; Ma, Fajun ; Lin, Fen ; Sarangi, Debajyoti ; Hoex, Bram ; Aberle, Armin Gerhard 
2012Advanced characterisation of silicon wafer solar cellsHoex, B. ; Zhang, W.; Aberle, A.G. 
2011Advanced loss analysis method for silicon wafer solar cellsAberle, A.G. ; Zhang, W.; Hoex, B. 
1-Sep-2012Advanced modeling of the effective minority carrier lifetime of passivated crystalline silicon wafersMa, F.-J. ; Samudra, G.G. ; Peters, M.; Aberle, A.G. ; Werner, F.; Schmidt, J.; Hoex, B. 
2013Advanced solar cell modellingPeters, M.; Fajun, M. ; Cangming, K.; Siyu, G.; Sahraei, N.; Hoex, B. ; Aberle, A.G. 
2012Aluminum local back surface field solar cells with inkjet-opened rear dielectric filmsLiu, L.; Du, Z.; Lin, F. ; Hoex, B. ; Aberle, A.G. 
2012Analysing solar cells by circuit modellingGuo, S.; Ma, F.-J.; Hoex, B. ; Aberle, A.G. ; Peters, M.
2013Broken metal fingers in silicon wafer solar cells and PV modulesChaturvedi, P. ; Hoex, B. ; Walsh, T.M. 
2013C-Si surface passivation by aluminum oxide studied with electron energy loss spectroscopyHoex, B. ; Bosman, M.; Nandakumar, N.; Kessels, W.M.M.
7-Sep-2013Deposition temperature independent excellent passivation of highly boron doped silicon emitters by thermal atomic layer deposited Al2O 3Liao, B.; Stangl, R.; Ma, F. ; Hameiri, Z.; Mueller, T.; Chi, D.; Aberle, A.G. ; Bhatia, C.S. ; Hoex, B. 
2013Direct laser doping of poly-silicon thin films via laser chemical processingVirasawmy, S. ; Palina, N.; Widenborg, P.I. ; Kumar, A.; Dalapati, G.K.; Tan, H.R.; Tay, A.A.O. ; Hoex, B. 
5-Nov-2012Enhancement of laser-induced rear surface spallation by pyramid textured structures on silicon wafer solar cellsDu, Z.R.; Palina, N.; Chen, J.; Aberle, A.G. ; Hoex, B. ; Hong, M.H. 
Jun-2013Excellent boron emitter passivation for high-efficiency Si wafer solar cells using AlOx/SiNx dielectric stacks deposited in an industrial inline plasma reactorDuttagupta, S.; Lin, F. ; Shetty, K.D.; Aberle, A.G. ; Hoex, B. 
25-Sep-2013Excellent c-Si surface passivation by thermal atomic layer deposited aluminum oxide after industrial firing activationLiao, B.; Stangl, R.; Ma, F. ; Mueller, T.; Lin, F. ; Aberle, A.G. ; Bhatia, C.S. ; Hoex, B. 
Oct-2012Excellent passivation of p + silicon surfaces by inline plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposited SiO x/AlO x stacksLin, F. ; Duttagupta, S.; Shetty, K.D.; Boreland, M.; Aberle, A.G. ; Hoex, B. 
2014Excellent surface passivation of heavily doped p+ silicon by low-temperature plasma-deposited SiOx/SiNy dielectric stacks with optimised antireflective performance for solar cell applicationDuttagupta, S.; Ma, F.-J. ; Hoex, B. ; Aberle, A.G. 
2013Excellent surface passivation of silicon at low cost: Atomic layer deposited aluminium oxide from solar grade TMALin, F.; Nandakumar, N.; Dielissen, B.; Gortzen, R.; Hoex, B. 
23-Dec-2013Extracting physical properties of arbitrarily shaped laser-doped micro-scale areas in semiconductorsHeinrich, M.; Kluska, S.; Hameiri, Z.; Hoex, B. ; Aberle, A.G. 
2013Extremely low surface recombination velocities on heavily doped planar and textured p+ silicon using low-temperature positively-charged PECVD SiOx/SiNx dielectric stacks with optimised antireflective propertiesDuttagupta, S.; Ma, F.-J.; Hoex, B. ; Aberle, A.G. 
2014Geometric confinement of directly deposited features on hydrophilic rough surfaces using a sacrificial layerLiu, L.; Wang, X.; Lennon, A.; Hoex, B.