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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A hierarchy of tractable subclasses for SAT and counting SAT problemsAndrei, Ş.; Grigoraş, G.; Rinard, M.; Chuan Yap, R.H. 
2008A lightweight binary authentication system for windowsHalim, F. ; Ramnath, R. ; Sufatrio, R.R. ; Wu, Y. ; Yap, R.H. 
2011A MapReduce-based maximum-flow algorithm for large small-world network graphsHalim, F. ; Yap, R.H.C. ; Wu, Y. 
2012A path-optimal GAC algorithm for table constraintsLecoutre, C.; Likitvivatanavong, C. ; Yap, R.H.C. 
2008A refutation approach to neighborhood interchangeability in CSPsLikitvivatanavong, C. ; Yap, R.H.C. 
2005A user-level framework for auditing and monitoringWu, Y. ; Yap, R.H.C. 
2005Ad-hoc global constraints for lifeCheng, K.C.K.; Yap, R.H.C. 
2008An elimination algorithm for functional constraintsZhang, Y.; Yap, R.H.C. ; Li, C.; Marisetti, S.
2007An integrated white+black box approach for designing and tuning stochastic local searchHalim, S. ; Yap, R.H.C. ; Lau, H.C.
2010An MDD-based generalized arc consistency algorithm for positive and negative table constraints and some global constraintsCheng, K.C.K.; Yap, R.H.C. 
2005An optimal coarse-grained arc consistency algorithmBessière, C.; Régin, J.-C.; Yap, R.H.C. ; Zhang, Y.
2009An usability study of continuous biometrics authenticationKwang, G.; Yap, R.H.C. ; Sim, T. ; Ramnath, R. 
2006Applying Ad-hoc global constraints with the case constraint to still-lifeCheng, K.C.K.; Yap, R.H.C. 
2007Approximate satisfiability countingAndrei, Ş.; Yap, R.H.C. ; Manolache, G.; Felea, V.
2001Automatic information extraction from web pagesRahardjo, B.; Yap, R.H.C. 
2012Codejail: Application-transparent isolation of libraries with tight program interactionsWu, Y.; Sathyanarayan, S.; Yap, R.H.C. ; Liang, Z. 
2010Comprehending module dependencies and sharingWu, Y. ; Yap, R.H.C. ; Ramnath, R. 
2000Concurrent programming made easyRamirez, Rafael ; Santosa, Andrew E. ; Yap, Roland H.C. 
2002Consistency and set intersectionZhang, Y. ; Yap, R.H.C. 
2005Constrained decision diagramsCheng, K.C.K.; Yap, R.H.C.