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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Routing in the watts and strogatz small world networks revisitedHalim, F. ; Wu, Y. ; Yap, R.H.C. 
2004Scalable distributed depth-first search with greedy work stealingJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A.E. ; Yap, R.H.C. ; Zhu, K.Q. 
2007Search space reduction and russian doll searchCheng, K.C.K.; Yap, R.H.C. 
2008Search space reduction for constraint optimization problemsCheng, K.C.K.; Yap, R.H.C. 
2008Security issues in small world network routingHalim, F. ; Wu, Y. ; Yap, R.H.C. 
2008Self management for large-scale distributed systems: An overview of the SELFMAN projectVan Roy, P.; Haridi, S.; Reinefeld, A.; Stefani, J.-B.; Yap, R. ; Coupaye, T.
2008Small world networks as (Semi)-structured overlay networksHalim, F. ; Wu, Y. ; Yap, R.H.C. 
2011Solving functional constraints by variable substitutionZhang, Y.; Yap, R.H.C. 
2004Solving hierarchical constraints over finite domains with local searchHenz, M. ; Yap, R.H.C. ; Lim, Y.F.; Lua, S.C.; Walser, J.P.; Shi, X.P.
2012Space-time tradeoffs for the regular constraintCheng, K.C.K.; Xia, W.; Yap, R.H.C. 
2012Stochastic database cracking: Towards robust adaptive indexing in main-memory column-storesHalim, F. ; Idreos, S.; Karras, P.; Yap, R.H.C. 
2015STR3: A path-optimal filtering algorithm for table constraintsLecoutre, Christophe; Likitvivatanavong, Chavalit ; Yap, Roland 
2010The problem of usable binary authenticationWu, Y. ; Yap, R.H.C. 
2006Towards "propagation = logic + control"Brand, S.; Yap, R.H.C. 
2011Towards a binary integrity system for windowsWu, Y. ; Yap, R.H.C. 
2013Towards a general framework for secure MapReduce computation on hybrid cloudsZhang, C.; Chang, E.-C. ; Yap, R.H.C. 
2011Trusted principal-hosted certificate revocationSufatrio ; Yap, R.H.C. 
2002Using feature generation and feature selection for accurate prediction of translation initiation sites.Zeng, F.; Yap, R.H. ; Wong, L. 
2006Visualization for analyzing trajectory-based metaheuristic search algorithmsHalim, S. ; Yap, R.H.C. ; Lau, H.C.
2010Visualizing Windows system tracesWu, Y. ; Yap, R.H.C. ; Halim, F.