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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Apr-2017Expressive social support buffers the impact of care-related work interruptions on caregivers? depressive symptomsShannon Ang; Rahul Malhotra 
2011Fifteen dimensions of health among community-dwelling older SingaporeansMalhotra, C. ; Chan, A.; Malhotra, R. ; Østbye, T. 
2017Fifteen dimensions of health and their association with quality of life among elderly in rural villages in Maharashtra, IndiaOgundare O.M.; Shah V.G.; Salunke S.R.; Malhotra R. ; Pati S.; Karmarkar A.; Gandhi V.S.; Shukla S.R.; Stroo M.; Jadhav S.K.; Shah M.V.; Maselko J.; TRULS OSTBYE 
2016Gender, educational and ethnic differences in active life expectancy among older SingaporeansChan A. ; Malhotra R. ; Matchar D.B. ; Ma S.; Saito Y. 
Aug-2012Good end-of-life care: Perspectives of middle-aged and older SingaporeansMalhotra, C. ; Chan, A.; Do, Y.K.; Malhotra, R. ; Goh, C. 
Sep-2013Health impacts of caregiving for older adults with functional limitations: Results from the Singapore survey on informal caregivingChan, A.; Malhotra, C. ; Malhotra, R. ; Rush, A.J. ; Østbye, T. 
Oct-2013Health issues of female foreign domestic workers: A systematic review of the scientific and gray literatureMalhotra, R. ; Arambepola, C.; Tarun, S.; de Silva, V.; Kishore, J.; Østbye, T. 
2014Implications of long-term care capacity response policies for an aging population: A simulation analysisAnsah, J.P.; Eberlein, R.L.; Love, S.R.; Bautista, M.A.; Thompson, J.P.; Malhotra, R. ; Matchar, D.B. 
2018Inclination towards research and the pursuit of a research career among medical students: An international cohort studyHa, T.C ; Ng, S ; Chen, C ; Yong, S.K; Koh, G.C.H ; Tan, S.B ; Malhotra, R ; Altermatt, F; Seim, A; Biderman, A; Woolley, T; Østbye, T 
Jan-2013Life-course socioeconomic status and obesity among older Singaporean Chinese men and womenMalhotra, R. ; Malhotra, C. ; Chan, A.; Østbye, T. 
2014Lifetime direct medical costs of childhood obesityFinkelstein, E.A.; Graham, W.C.K.; Malhotra, R. 
Jun-2011Living arrangements, social networks and depressive symptoms among older men and women in SingaporeChan, A.; Malhotra, C. ; Malhotra, R. ; Østbye, T. 
2015Loneliness and all-cause mortality in community-dwelling elderly SingaporeansChan A. ; Raman P. ; Ma S.; Malhotra R. 
1-Mar-2020Mediators of the association of limited English health literacy with medication non-adherence among Singaporean elderlySuppiah, S ; Tan, YW ; Cheng, GHL; Tang, WE ; Malhotra, R 
Sep-2010Minimal difference between aerobic and progressive resistance exercise on metabolic profile and fitness in older adults with diabetes mellitus: A randomised trialNg, C.L.; Goh, S.-Y.; Malhotra, R. ; Østbye, T. ; Tai, E.S.
2016Normative Values of Hand Grip Strength for Elderly Singaporeans Aged 60 to 89 Years: A Cross-Sectional StudyMalhotra R. ; Ang S. ; Allen J.C. ; Tan N.C.; TRULS OSTBYE ; Saito Y. ; Chan A. 
Mar-2014Older person behavioral and psychological symptoms (BPS) and functional limitations mediate the association between older person cognitive impairment and depressive symptoms in the caregiverMalhotra, R. ; Chei, C.-L.; Østbye, T. ; Chan, A.; Matchar, D.B. 
1-Jan-2019Polypharmacy among community-dwelling elderly in Singapore: Prevalence, risk factors and association with medication non-adherenceTan, YW ; Suppiah, S ; Bautista, MAC ; Malhotra, R 
May-2013Predictors and adverse outcomes of inadequate or excessive gestational weight gain in an Asian populationKoh, H.; Ee, T.X.; Malhotra, R. ; Allen, J.C.; Tan, T.C.; Østbye, T. 
2015Presence of and correction for interviewer error on an instrument assessing cognitive function of older adultsMalhotra Rahul ; Haaland, Benjamin Adam; Chei, Choy Lye; Chan, Wei-Ming Angelique ; Malhotra, Chetna ; Matchar, David Bruce