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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Mar-2011C-doped ZnO nanowires: Electronic structures, magnetic properties, and a possible spintronic deviceDai, Z. ; Nurbawono, A.; Zhang, A. ; Zhou, M.; Feng, Y.P. ; Ho, G.W. ; Zhang, C. 
31-Jan-2011Charge and spin transport in graphene-based heterostructureZeng, M. ; Shen, L. ; Yang, M. ; Zhang, C. ; Feng, Y. 
21-Nov-2013Communication: Electronic and transport properties of molecular junctions under a finite bias: A dual mean field approachLiu, S.; Feng, Y.P. ; Zhang, C. 
2015Density functional theory for steady-state nonequilibrium molecular junctionsLiu, S; Nurbawono, A ; Zhang, C 
19-Sep-2011Dielectric properties and lattice dynamics of α-PbO2-type TiO2: The role of soft phonon modes in pressure-induced phase transition to baddeleyite-type TiO2Cai, Y. ; Zhang, C. ; Feng, Y.P. 
30-Nov-2009Differential conductance anomaly in superconducting quantum point contactsNurbawono, A.; Feng, Y.P. ; Zhao, E.; Zhang, C. 
30-Dec-2009Electric-field control of magnetic states, charge transfer, and patterning of adatoms on graphene: First-principles density functional theory calculationsLu, Y.-H. ; Shi, L.; Zhang, C. ; Feng, Y.-P. 
2012Electrical transport across metal/two-dimensional carbon junctions: Edge versus side contactsWu, Y. ; Wang, Y. ; Wang, J.; Zhou, M.; Zhang, A. ; Zhang, C. ; Yang, Y.; Hua, Y.; Xu, B. 
25-Aug-2010Electron Transport Properties of Atomic Carbon Nanowires between Graphene ElectrodesShen, L. ; Zeng, M. ; Yang, S.-W.; Zhang, C. ; Wang, X.; Feng, Y. 
30-Jul-2010Electron tunneling through a hybrid superconducting-normal mesoscopic junction under microwave radiationNurbawono, A.; Feng, Y.P. ; Zhang, C. 
14-Dec-2010Energy-gap opening and quenching in graphene under periodic external potentialsZhang, A. ; Dai, Z. ; Shi, L.; Feng, Y.P. ; Zhang, C. 
2009Erratum: Strain effects on work functions of pristine and potassium-decorated carbon nanotubes (Journal of Chemical Physics (2009) 131 (224701))Cai, Y. ; Zhang, A. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Zhang, C. ; Teoh, H.F.; Ho, G.W. 
Apr-2008Exposure parameters in proton beam writing for hydrogen silsesquioxanevan Kan, J.A. ; Zhang, F. ; Zhang, C. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Watt, F. 
21-Jul-2012Gold clusters on Nb-doped SrTiO 3: Effects of metal-insulator transition on heterogeneous Au nanocatalysisZhou, M.; Feng, Y.P. ; Zhang, C. 
2011Graphene on β-Si 3N 4: An ideal system for graphene-based electronicsYang, M. ; Zhang, C. ; Wang, S.; Feng, Y. ; Ariando 
25-Oct-2012Graphene oxide: An ideal support for gold nanocatalystsYang, M. ; Zhou, M.; Zhang, A. ; Zhang, C. 
14-Mar-2011Graphene-based bipolar spin diode and spin transistor: Rectification and amplification of spin-polarized currentZeng, M. ; Shen, L. ; Zhou, M.; Zhang, C. ; Feng, Y. 
28-Feb-2011Graphene-based spin logic gatesZeng, M. ; Shen, L. ; Su, H.; Zhang, C. ; Feng, Y. 
21-May-2010Greatly enhanced adsorption and catalytic activity of Au and Pt clusters on defective grapheneZhou, M.; Zhang, A. ; Dai, Z. ; Zhang, C. ; Feng, Y.P. 
2015Greatly enhancing catalytic activity of graphene by doping the underlying metal substrateGuo N. ; Xi Y.; Liu S.; Zhang C.