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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-1996Client-server based ray-tracer using ASTRA: An asynchronous RPC mechanismShiuan, J.L.J.; Sung, K. ; Ananda, A.L. ; Kiat, K.E.
2008Connectivity monitoring in wireless sensor networksZhang, M. ; Chan, M.C. ; Ananda, A.L. 
2010Connectivity monitoring in wireless sensor networksZhang, M. ; Chan, M.C. ; Ananda, A.L. 
2007Coverage aware buffer management and scheduling for wireless sensor networksChai, E.; Chan, M.C. ; Ananda, A.L. 
2007Coverage protocol for wireless sensor networks using distance estimatesZhang, M. ; Chan, M.C. ; Ananda, A.L. 
2009DEAL: Discover and exploit asymmetric links in dense wireless sensor networksChen, B.B.; Hao, S.; Zhang, M. ; Chan, M.C. ; Ananda, A.L. 
2004Decoupling loss differentiation and loss recovery to ensure security and performanceObanaik, V. ; Hang, Z.; Ananda, A.L. 
2011Demo: Adaptive display power management for mobile gamesAnand, B. ; Thirugnanam, K.; Sebastian, J. ; Kannan, P.G.; Akhihebbal, A.L. ; Chan, M.C. ; Krishna Balan, R.
2011Demo: El-pincel - A painter cloud service for greener web pagesBhojan, A. ; Akhihebbal, A.L. ; Chan, M.C. 
1996Design and development of a distributed scheduler agentPeh, L.S. ; Ananda, A.L. 
Jul-1988Design of a network control centre for a terminal support network environmentAnanda, A.L. ; Ranai, K. 
1986Design of a prolog-based expert system for planning separations of steroids by high-performance liquid chromatographyGunasingham, H. ; Srinivasan, B.; Ananda, A.L. 
1989Design of an intelligent on-line examination systemAnanda, A.L. ; Gunasingham, H. ; Hoe, K.Y.; Toh, Y.F.
1990Design of CAESAR. A computer aided examination system with authoring and reviewAnanda, A.L. ; Woon, Y.S. ; Gunasingham, H. ; Radhakrishnan, T.
2005DoS-resistant access control protocol with identity confidentiality for wireless networksWan, Z.; Zhu, B.; Deng, R.H.; Bao, F.; Ananda, A.L. 
2012Dynamic lookahead mechanism for conserving power in multi-player mobile gamesThirugnanam, K.; Anand, B. ; Sebastian, J. ; Kannan, P.G.; Ananda, A.L. ; Balan, R.K.; Chan, M.C. 
2002Effectiveness of TCP SACK, TCP HACK and TCP Trunk over satellite linksJacob, L. ; Srijith, K.N. ; Duo, H.; Ananda, A.L. 
2008Effects of applying high-speed congestion control algorithms in satellite networkWu, X. ; Mun, C.C. ; Ananda, A.L. 
2006Efficient key tree construction for group key agreement in ad hoc networksWan, Z.; Zhu, B.; Deng, R.H.; Bao, F.; Ananda, A.L. 
2006EGRESS: Environment for generating realistic scenarios for simulationsSridhar, K.N.; Hao, S.; Chan, M.C. ; Ananda, A.L.