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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Nostalgia for the future:1 the geoeconomics and geopolitics of the EuroPollard, J.S.; Sidaway, J.D. 
2002Nostalgia for the future:1the geoeconomics and geopolitics of the EuroPollard, J.S.; Sidaway, J.D. 
2006On the nature of the beast: Re-charting political geographies of the European UnionSidaway, J.D. 
2002Pacific dreaming, APEC, ASEAN and their geographies: Reflections on Poon (2001)Sidaway, J.D. 
2002Photography as geographical fieldworkSidaway, J.D. 
2002Photography as geographical fieldworkSidaway, J.D. 
Jan-2013Political Geography in the age of electronic informationO'Loughlin, J.; Raento, P.; Sidaway, J.D. ; Sharp, J.; Steinberg, P.E.
13-Jul-2020PostcolonialismNoel Castree; Majed Akhter; Sharad Chari; James Sidaway ; Tariq Jazeel
2013Reappraising geopolitical traditionsSidaway, J.D. ; Mamadouh, V.; Power, M.
2001Rebuilding bridges: A critical geopolitics of Iberian transfrontier cooperation in a European contextSidaway, J.D. 
Oct-2012Reflections on affect: A meta-commentary occasioned by Pile (2010) and subsequent exchangesMohammad, R.; Sidaway, J.D. 
25-Mar-2019Reordering China, Respacing the World: Belt and Road Initiative (一带一路) as an emergent geopolitical cultureChih Yuan Woon ; James Sidaway ; Shaun Lin 
31-Aug-2016Shards and Stages: Migrant Lives, Power, and Space Viewed from Doha, QatarRobina Mohammad ; James Sidaway 
2002Signifying boundaries: Detours around the Portuguese-Spanish (Algarve/Alentejo-Andalucía) borderlandsSidaway, J. 
2003Sovereign excesses? Portraying postcolonial sovereigntyscapesSidaway, J.D. 
May-2012Spectacular Urbanization amidst Variegated Geographies of Globalization: Learning from Abu Dhabi's Trajectory through the Lives of South Asian MenMohammad, R.; Sidaway, J.D. 
Dec-2012Subaltern geopolitics: Libya in the mirror of europeSidaway, J.D. 
Jun-2015Sustainable deathstyles? The geography of green burials in BritainYarwood, Richard; SIDAWAY,JAMES DERRICK ; Kelly, Claire; Stillwell, Susie
2004The degeneration of tropical geographyPower, M.; Sidaway, J.D. ; Power, M.
2005The tears of Portugal': Empire, identity, 'race', and destiny in Portuguese geopolitical narrativesSidaway, J.D. ; Power, M.