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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Copula-based approaches for evaluating slope reliability under incomplete probability informationTang, Xiaosong; Li, Dianqing; Zhou, Chuangbing; Phoon, Kok Kwang 
2014Cost-effective framework for simplified geotechnical Reliability-Based DesignChing, J.Y.; Phoon, K.K. 
2013Detection of Shallow Anomalies in Pile Integrity TestingChai, H.-Y.; Phoon, K.-K. 
2004Determination of optimal and stable prediction parameters values in chaotic time seriesLiong, S.Y. ; Pasha, M.F.K.; Doan, C.D. ; Phoon, K.K. ; Liaw, C.Y. 
Sep-2003Development of a reliability-based design framework for transmission line structure foundationsPhoon, K.-K. ; Kulhawy, F.H.; Grigoriu, M.D.
Jul-2005Development of a Web-GIS based geotechnical information systemKunapo, J. ; Dasari, G.R.; Phoon, K.-K. ; Tan, T.-S. 
2002Drilled shaft design for transmission structures using LRFD and MRFDPhoon, K.-K. ; Kulhawy, F.H.
2011Early-age strength characteristics of cement stabilized Singapore marine clay at high water contentLu, Y.T.; Tan, T.S. ; Phoon, K.K. 
2011Effect of 1D infiltration assumption on stability of spatially variable slopeSantoso, A.M. ; Phoon, K.-K. ; Quek, S.-T. 
Dec-2013Effect of bivariate distribution construction methods on series system reliabilityLi, D.-Q.; Jiang, S.-H.; Zhou, C.-B.; Phoon, K.-K. 
Jul-2008Effect of cementation on the compressibility of Singapore upper marine clayLow, H.-E.; Phoon, K.-K. 
2013Effect of element sizes in random field finite element simulations of soil shear strengthChing, J.; Phoon, K.-K. 
11-Aug-2019Effect of extrapolation on interpreted capacity and model statistics of steel H-pilesKok-Kwang Phoon ; Chong Tang 
Feb-2008Effect of soil microstructure on the compressibility of natural Singapore marine clayLow, H.-E.; Phoon, K.-K. ; Tan, T.-S. ; Leroueil, S.
10-Jun-2013Effective block diagonal preconditioners for Biot's consolidation equations in piled-raft foundationsChaudhary, K.B.; Phoon, K.K. ; Toh, K.C. 
2011Effective shear strengths of isotropic spatially variable soil massesChing, J.; Phoon, K.-K. 
2008Effects of climate change on slopes for transportation infrastructureToll, D.G.; Mendes, J.; Augarde, C.E.; Karthikeyan, M. ; Phoon, K.K. ; Gallipoli, D.; Lin, K.Q.
Jun-2011Effects of soil spatial variability on rainfall-induced landslidesSantoso, A.M. ; Phoon, K.-K. ; Quek, S.-T. 
Jun-2013Effects of source and cavity depths on wave fields in homogeneous half spacesChai, H.-Y.; Goh, S.-H. ; Phoon, K.-K. ; Wei, C.-F.
13-Aug-2010Effects of the source on wave propagation in pile integrity testingChai, H.-Y.; Phoon, K.-K. ; Zhang, D.-J.