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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Feb-2006A modified SSOR preconditioner for sparse symmetric indefinite linear systems of equationsChen, X. ; Toh, K.C. ; Phoon, K.K. 
2010A new 2D failure mechanism for face stability analysis of a pressurized tunnel in spatially variable sandsMollon, G.; Phoon, K.K. ; Dias, D.; Soubra, A.-H.
Jul-2011A quantile-based approach for calibrating reliability-based partial factorsChing, J.; Phoon, K.-K. 
8-Jul-1999A systematic approach to noise reduction in chaotic hydrological time seriesSivakumar, B.; Phoon, K.-K. ; Liong, S.-Y. ; Liaw, C.-Y. 
2012Accelerated testing of cement treated singapore marine clay cured under elevated temperatureLu, Y.T.; Tan, T.S. ; Phoon, K.K. 
10-Oct-2002An efficient diagonal preconditioner for finite element solution of Biot's consolidation equationsPhoon, K.K. ; Toh, K.C. ; Chan, S.H.; Lee, F.H. 
Jan-2011Analysis of effects of active sources on observed phase velocity based on the thin layer methodChai, H.Y.; Phoon, K.K. ; Wei, C.F.; Lu, Y.F.
2013Application of the kriging-based response surface method to the system reliability of soil slopesZhang, J.; Huang, H.W.; Phoon, K.K. 
2007Application of the probabilistic SBRA method in the steel frame designKrivy, V.; Marek, P.; Phoon, K.K. 
2012Applications of symmetric and nonsymmetric MSSOR preconditioners to large-scale Biot's consolidation problems with nonassociated plasticityChen, X.; Phoon, K.K. 
2011Assessment of landslide potential using steady state seepage in unsaturated soilsKarthikeyan, M.; Phoon, K.K. ; Toll, D.G.
2014Axisymmetric lower-bound limit analysis using finite elements and second-order cone programmingTang, C.; Toh, K.-C. ; Phoon, K.-K. 
2013Beyond coefficient of variation for statistical characterization of geotechnical parametersPhoon, K.K. ; Ching, J.
Mar-2013Bivariate distribution construction method and its application to structural parallel system reliability analysisLi, D.-Q.; Wu, S.-B.; Zhou, C.-B.; Phoon, K.-K. 
2015Bivariate distribution of shear strength parameters using copulas and its impact on geotechnical system reliabilityLi, Dian-Qing; Zhang Lei; Tang, Xiao-Song; Zhou Wei; Li, Jin-Hui; Zhou, Chuang-Bing; Phoon, Kok Kwang 
25-Apr-2013Bivariate simulation using copula and its application to probabilistic pile settlement analysisLi, D.-Q.; Tang, X.-S.; Phoon, K.-K. ; Chen, Y.-F.; Zhou, C.-B.
Nov-2004Block constrained versus generalized Jacobi preconditioners for iterative solution of large-scale Biot's fem equationsPhoon, K.K. ; Toh, K.C. ; Chen, X. 
28-Jun-2004Block preconditioners for symmetric indefinite linear systemsToh, K.-C. ; Phoon, K.-K. ; Chan, S.-H.
2006Bootstrap estimation of sample autocorrelation functionsPhoon, K.-K. 
2015Bootstrap method for characterizing the effect of uncertainty in shear strength parameters on slope reliabilityLi, Dianqing; Tang, Xiaosong; Phoon, Kok Kwang