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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Novel approaches to identify protective malaria vaccine candidatesChia, W.N ; Goh, Y.S; Rénia, L 
Feb-2010On the diversity of malaria parasites in African apes and the origin of Plasmodium falciparum from bonobosKrief, S.; Escalante, A.A.; Pacheco, M.A.; Mugisha, L.; André, C.; Halbwax, M.; Fischer, A.; Krief, J.-M.; Kasenene, J.M.; Crandfield, M.; Cornejo, O.E.; Chavatte, J.-M.; Lin, C.; Letourneur, F.; Grüner, A.C.; McCutchan, T.F.; Rénia, L. ; Snounou, G. 
2018Plasmodium co-infection protects against chikungunya virus-induced pathologiesTeo, T.-H; Lum, F.-M; Ghaffar, K; Chan, Y.-H; Amrun, S.N; Tan, J.J.L; Lee, C.Y.P; Chua, T.-K; Carissimo, G; Lee, W.W.L; Claser, C; Rajarethinam, R; Rénia, L ; Ng, L.F.P 
2005Practical PCR genotyping protocols for Plasmodium vivax using Pvcs and Pvmsp1Imwong, M; Pukrittayakamee, S; Grüner, A.C; Rénia, L ; Letourneur, F; Looareesuwan, S; White, N.J; Snounou, G
2015Preclinical assessment of viral vectored and protein vaccines targeting the Duffy-binding protein region II of Plasmodium vivaxde Cassan S.C.; Rushdi Shakri A.; Llewellyn D.; Elias S.C.; Cho J.S.; Goodman A.L.; Jin J.; Douglas A.D.; Suwanarusk R.; Nosten F.H.; Rénia L. ; Russell B. ; Chitnis C.E.; Draper S.J.
2018Prime-boost vaccination with recombinant protein and adenovirus-vector expressing Plasmodium vivax circumsporozoite protein (CSP) partially protects mice against Pb/Pv sporozoite challengeDe Camargo, T.M; De Freitas, E.O; Gimenez, A.M; Lima, L.C; De Almeida Caramico, K; Françoso, K.S; Bruna-Romero, O; Andolina, C; Nosten, F; Rénia, L ; Ertl, H.C.J; Nussenzweig, R.S; Nussenzweig, V; Rodrigues, M.M; Reyes-Sandoval, A; Soares, I.S
2016Rheopathologic Consequence of Plasmodium vivax Rosette FormationZhang R. ; Lee W.-C.; Lau Y.-L.; Albrecht L.; Lopes S.C.P.; Costa F.T.M.; Suwanarusk R.; Nosten F.; Cooke B.M.; Rénia L. ; Russell B. 
2017Safety and effectiveness of mass drug administration to accelerate elimination of artemisinin-resistant falciparum malaria: A pilot trial in four villages of Eastern MyanmarLandier, J; Kajeechiwa, L; Thwin, M.M; Parker, D.M; Chaumeau, V; Wiladphaingern, J; Imwong, M; Miotto, O; Patumrat, K; Duanguppama, J; Cerqueira, D; Malleret, B ; R‚nia, L ; Nosten, S; Von Seidlein, L; Ling, C; Proux, S; Corbel, V; Simpson, J.A; Dondorp, A.M; White, N.J; Nosten, F.H
2017Singapore's Anopheles sinensis Form A is susceptible to Plasmodium vivax isolates from the western Thailand-Myanmar borderPang, S.-C; Andolina, C; Malleret, B ; Christensen, P.R; Lam-Phua, S.-G; Razak, M.A.B.A; Chong, C.-S; Li, D ; Chu, C.S; Russell, B; Rénia, L ; Ng, L.-C; Nosten, F
2014Small molecule targeting malaria Merozoite surface protein-1 (MSP-1) prevents host invasion of divergent Plasmodial speciesChandramohanadas R.; Russell B. ; Liew K. ; Yau Y.H.; Chong A. ; Liu M. ; Gunalan K.; Raman R.; Renia L. ; Nosten F.; Shochat S.G.; Dao M.; Sasisekharan R.; Suresh S. ; Preiser P.
2015Spatiotemporal requirements for IRF7 in mediating type I IFN-dependent susceptibility to blood-stage Plasmodium infectionEdwards C.L.; Best S.E.; Gun, S.Y.; Claser C.; James K.R.; de Oca M.M.; Sebina I.; Rivera F.D.L.; Amante F.H.; Hertzog P.J.; Engwerda C.R.; Renia Laurent ; Haque A.
2012The CTLA-4 and PD-1/PD-l1 inhibitory pathways independently regulate host resistance to Plasmodium-induced acute immune pathologyHafalla J.C.R.; Claser C.; Couper K.N.; Grau G.E.; Renia L. ; de Souza J.B.; Riley E.M.
2015The epidemiology of subclinical malaria infections in South-East Asia: Findings from cross-sectional surveys in Thailand-Myanmar border areas, Cambodia, and VietnamImwong, M; Nguyen, T.N; Tripura, R; Peto, T.J; Lee, S.J; Lwin, K.M; Suangkanarat, P; Jeeyapant, A; Vihokhern, B; Wongsaen, K; Van Hue, D; Dong, L.T; Nguyen, T.-U; Lubell, Y; Von Seidlein, L; Dhorda, M; Promnarate, C; Snounou, G; Malleret, B ; Rénia, L ; Keereecharoen, L; Singhasivanon, P; Sirithiranont, P; Chalk, J; Nguon, C; Hien, T.T; Day, N; White, N.J; Dondorp, A; Nosten, F.
2017The G6PD flow-cytometric assay is a reliable tool for diagnosis of G6PD deficiency in women and anaemic subjectsBancone, G; Kalnoky, M; Chu, C.S; Chowwiwat, N; Kahn, M; Malleret, B ; Wilaisrisak, P; Rénia, L ; Domingo, G.J; Nosten, F
2011The relevance of non-human primate and rodent malaria models for humansLanghorne, J; Buffet, P; Galinski, M; Good, M; Harty, J; Leroy, D; Mota, M.M; Pasini, E; Renia, L ; Riley, E; Stins, M; Duffy, P
2015The suitability of laboratory-bred Anopheles cracens for the production of Plasmodium vivax sporozoitesAndolina, C; Landier, J; Carrara, V; Chu, C.S; Franetich, J.-F; Roth, A; Rénia, L ; Roucher, C; White, N.J; Snounou, G; Nosten, F
2017Vaccine containing the three allelic variants of the Plasmodium vivax circumsporozoite antigen induces protection in mice after challenge with a transgenic rodent malaria parasiteGimenez, A.M; Lima, L.C; Françoso, K.S; Denapoli, P.M.A; Panatieri, R; Bargieri, D.Y; Thiberge, J.-M; Andolina, C; Nosten, F; Renia, L ; Nussenzweig, R.S; Nussenzweig, V; Amino, R; Rodrigues, M.M; Soares, I.S
2016Virus infection drives IL-2 antibody complexes into pro-inflammatory agonists in miceLee, W.W.L; Teo, T.-H; Lum, F.-M; Andiappan, A.K; Amrun, S.N; Rénia, L ; Rötzschke, O; Ng, L.F.P