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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010AC conductivity and mobile transport pathways in 0.45Li2O-(0-55- x)P2O5-xB2O3 glassesTho, T.D.; Rao, R.P. ; Adams, S. 
Oct-2010AC conductivity studies and relaxation behaviour in (LiX) y[(Li) 2O) 0.6(P) 2O) 5) 0.4] (1-y) glassesTho, T.D.; Rao, R.P. ; Adams, S. 
28-Oct-2008Charge transport by polyatomic anion diffusion in Sc2(WO 4)3Zhou, Y.; Adams, S. ; Rao, R.P. ; Edwards, D.D.; Neiman, A.; Pestereva, N.
2011Design of (thio) phosphates for high performance lithium ion batteriesAdams, S. ; Prasada Rao, R. 
2011Electrochemical performance of anodized TiO 2 nanotubes for rechargeable lithium batteriesPrasada Rao, R. ; Kangle, L.; Adams, S. ; Reddy, M.V. ; Chowdari, B.V.R. 
Jun-2011Glass formation, structure and ion transport in 0̇45Li 2O-(0̇55?x)P 2O 5-xB 2O 3 glassesTho, T.D.; Rao, R.P. ; Adams, S. 
Aug-2011High power lithium ion battery materials by computational designAdams, S. ; Rao, R.P. 
Nov-2011Influence of substrate and selenization temperatures on the growth of Cu2SnSe3 filmsChandra, G.H.; Kumar, O.L.; Rao, R.P. ; Uthanna, S.
16-Jun-2011Intrinsic polyatomic defects in Sc2(WO4)3Zhou, Y.; Rao, R.P. ; Adams, S. 
28-Jan-2012Ion transport and phase transition in Li 7-xLa 3(Zr 2-xM x)O 12 (M = Ta 5+, Nb 5+, x = 0, 0.25)Adams, S. ; Rao, R.P. 
16-Jun-2011Ion transport pathways in molecular dynamics simulated alkali silicate glassy electrolytesPrasada Rao, R. ; Tho, T.D.; Adams, S. 
8-Feb-2010Ion transport pathways in molecular dynamics simulated lithium silicate glassesPrasada Rao, R. ; Tho, T.D.; Adams, S. 
1-Apr-2009Lithium ion transport pathways in xLiCl-(1 - x)(0.6Li2O-0.4P2O5) glassesPrasada Rao, R. ; Tho, T.D.; Adams, S. 
Sep-2009Mechanism of defect formation and polyanion transport in solid scandium tungstate type oxidesZhou, Y.; Prasada Rao, R. ; Adams, S. 
2010Mechanism of ultrafast (dis)charging of Li ion batteries by heterogeneous doping of LiFePO4Adams, S. ; Rao, R.P. ; Choo, H.
Oct-2010Mobile ion transport pathways in (LiBr) x[(Li 2O) 0.6(P 2O 5) 0.4] (1-x) glassesDuc, T.T.; Rayavarapu, P.R. ; Adams, S. 
15-Sep-2011Nitrogen-doped rice grain-shaped titanium dioxide nanostructures by electrospinning: Frequency and temperature dependent conductivityBabu, V.J. ; Rao, R.P. ; Nair, A.S. ; Ramakrishna, S. 
15-Apr-2013Photocatalytic hydrogen generation by splitting of water from electrospun hybrid nanostructuresVeluru, J.B. ; Manippady, K.K.; Rajendiren, M.; Mya Mya, K.; Rayavarapu, P.R. ; Appukuttan, S.N.; Seeram, R. 
Oct-2012Preparation and characterization of NASICON type Li + ionic conductorsRao, R.P. ; Maohua, C.; Adams, S. 
25-Jan-2012Preparation and mobile ion transport studies of Ta and Nb doped Li 6Zr2O7 Li-fast ion conductorsRao, R.P. ; Reddy, M.V. ; Adams, S. ; Chowdari, B.V.R.