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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2012Development of a chemically defined minimal medium for the exponential growth of Leuconostoc mesenteroides ATCC8293Kim, Y.J.; Eom, H.-J.; Seo, E.-Y.; Lee, D.Y. ; Kim, J.H.; Han, N.S.
2015Effect of linker flexibility and length on the functionality of a cytotoxic engineered antibody fragmentKlement Maximilian; Liu Cheng Cheng; Loo Liat Wen, Bernard; Choo Boon Hwa, Andre; Ow Siak Wei, Dave; Lee Dong Yup 
Aug-2013Elucidating rice cell metabolism under flooding and drought stresses using flux-based modeling and analysisLakshmanan, M.; Zhang, Z.; Mohanty, B.; Kwon, J.-Y.; Choi, H.-Y.; Nam, H.-J.; Kim, D.-I.; Lee, D.-Y. 
1-Apr-2009Elucidation of metabolism in hybridoma cells grown in fed-batch culture by genome-scale modelingSelvarasu, S.; Wong, V.V.T.; Karimi, I.A. ; Lee, D.-Y. 
2013Enhanced expression of codon optimized interferon gamma in CHO cellsChung, B.K.S.; Yusufi, F.N.K.; Mariati; Yang, Y.; Lee, D.-Y. 
2015Exploring codon context bias for synthetic gene design of a thermostable invertase in Escherichia coliPek H.B.; Maximilian Klement; Ang, Kok Siong ; Chung B.K.-S.; Ow D.S.-W.; Lee, Dong-Yup 
2006Exploring mechanisms leading to robust biochemical systemsNagy, Zs.; Bertok, B.; Friedler, F.; Lee, D.Y. ; Fan, L.T.; Shafie, S.
28-Nov-2008Exploring the effects of carbon sources on the metabolic capacity for shikimic acid production in Escherichia coli using in silico metabolic predictionsAhn, J.O.; Lee, H.W.; Saha, R.; Park, M.S.; Jung, J.-K.; Lee, D.-Y. 
Feb-2011Flux-based analysis of sulfur metabolism in desulfurizing strains of Rhodococcus erythropolisAggarwal, S.; Karimi, I.A. ; Lee, D.Y. 
2015Flux-sum analysis identifies metabolite targets for strain improvementLakshmanan M. ; Kim T.Y.; Chung B.K.S.; Lee S.Y.; Lee D.-Y. 
19-Dec-2009Flux-sum analysis: A metabolite-centric approach for understanding the metabolic networkChung, B.K.S.; Lee, D.-Y. 
5-Nov-2013Genome-scale in silico modeling and analysis for designing synthetic terpenoid-producing microbial cell factoriesChung, B.K.S.; Lakshmanan, M.; Klement, M.; Mohanty, B.; Lee, D.-Y. 
28-Apr-2014Genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction and in silico flux analysis of the thermophilic bacterium Thermus thermophilus HB27Lee, N.-R.; Lakshmanan, M.; Aggarwal, S.; Song, J.-W.; Karimi, I.A. ; Lee, D.-Y. ; Park, J.-B.
1-Jul-2010Genome-scale metabolic reconstruction and in silico analysis of methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris for strain improvementChung, B.K.S.; Selvarasu, S.; Andrea, C.; Ryu, J.; Lee, H.; Ahn, J.; Lee, H.; Lee, D. 
Mar-2011Genome-scale modeling and in silico analysis of ethanologenic bacteria Zymomonas mobilisWidiastuti, H.; Kim, J.Y.; Selvarasu, S.; Karimi, I.A. ; Kim, H.; Seo, J.-S.; Lee, D.-Y. 
2009Genome-scale modeling and in silico analysis of mouse cell metabolic networkSelvarasu, S.; Karimi, I.A. ; Ghim, G.-H.; Lee, D.-Y. 
2015Global insights into the Chinese hamster and CHO cell transcriptomesVishwanathan, Nandita; Yongky, Andrew; Johnson, Kathryn C.; Fu, Hsuyuan; Jacob, Nitya M.; Le, Huong; Yusufi, Faraaz Noor Khan; Lee, Dong-Yup ; Hu, Weishou
6-Jul-2010How necessary is a fast testkit for mitigation of pandemic flu?Chin, J.; Koh, G.; Lee, D.-Y. 
Jan-2009Identification of cellular objective for elucidating the physiological state of plasmid-bearing Escherichia coli using genome-scale in Silico analysisOw, D.S.-W.; Lee, D.-Y. ; Yap, M.G.-S. ; Oh, S.K.-W.
2013Identifying essential genes/reactions of the rice photorespiration by in silico model-based analysisLakshmanan, M.; Mohanty, B.; Lee, D.-Y.