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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction and in silico analysis of Methanococcus maripaludis S2Goyal, N.; Widiastuti, H.; Karimi, I.A. ; Zhou Zhi, G.
28-Apr-2014Genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction and in silico flux analysis of the thermophilic bacterium Thermus thermophilus HB27Lee, N.-R.; Lakshmanan, M.; Aggarwal, S.; Song, J.-W.; Karimi, I.A. ; Lee, D.-Y. ; Park, J.-B.
Mar-2011Genome-scale modeling and in silico analysis of ethanologenic bacteria Zymomonas mobilisWidiastuti, H.; Kim, J.Y.; Selvarasu, S.; Karimi, I.A. ; Kim, H.; Seo, J.-S.; Lee, D.-Y. 
2009Genome-scale modeling and in silico analysis of mouse cell metabolic networkSelvarasu, S.; Karimi, I.A. ; Ghim, G.-H.; Lee, D.-Y. 
Feb-2006Global multiproduct production-distribution planning with duty drawbacksOh, H.-C. ; Karimi, I.A. 
2012Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis Using a Hyperstructure of Stagewise Stream SuperstructuresHuang, K.F.; Karimi, I.A. 
7-May-2012Heat exchanger network synthesis using a stagewise superstructure with non-isothermal mixingHuang, K.F.; Al-mutairi, E.M.; Karimi, I.A. 
2011Heat exchanger network synthesis with non-isothermal mixing using a stagewise superstructureHuang, K.; Almutairi, E.; Karimi, I.A. 
15-Mar-2004Heuristic algorithms for scheduling an automated wet-etch stationBhushan, S.; Karimi, I.A. 
Feb-2007Heuristic rescheduling of crude oil operations to manage abnormal supply chain eventsAdhitya, A.; Srinivasan, R. ; Karimi, I.A. 
6-Mar-2002Identification of transport mechanism in adsorbent micropores from column dynamicsFarooq, S. ; Qinglin, H.; Karimi, I.A. 
2007Identifying synergistically switching pathways for multi-product strain improvement using multiobjective flux balance analysisSelvarasu, S.; Lee, D.-Y. ; A. Karimi, I. 
2012Improved Strains for Biological Treatment of WastewaterAggarwal, S.; Lyn, C.P.; Karimi, I.A. 
2005Improving mixed integer linear programming formulationsKhurana, A.; Sundaramoorthy, A.; Karimi, I.A. 
15-Jul-2004Improving the logistics of multi-compartment chemical tankersJetlund, A.S.; Karimi, I.A. 
Oct-2007Improving the robustness and efficiency of crude scheduling algorithmsLi, J. ; Li, W. ; Karimi, I.A. ; Srinivasan, R. 
2012In Silico Analysis to Explore the Effect of Various Carbon Sources on Ethanol Production in Zymomonas mobilisWidiastuti, H.; Lee, D.-Y. ; Karimi, I.A. 
2011In silico metabolic model of rhodococcus erythropolis to study and improve desulfurizationAggarwal, S.; Karimi, I.A. ; Lee, D.-Y. 
Oct-2013In silico modeling and evaluation of Gordonia alkanivorans for biodesulfurizationAggarwal, Shilpi ; Karimi, I. A. ; Ivan, Gregorius Reinaldi
2012In silico Simulation for Enhancing Production of Organic Acids in Zymomonas mobilisWidiastuti, H.; Lee, D.-Y. ; Karimi, I.A.