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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2009Complementarity demand functions and pricing models for multi-product marketsSoon, W.; Zhao, G. ; Zhang, J.
Mar-2004Convergence Analysis of an Infeasible Interior Point Algorithm Based on a Regularized Central Path for Linear Complementarity ProblemsZhou, G.; Toh, K.-C. ; Zhao, G. 
1998Global linear and local quadratic convergence of a long-step adaptive-mode interior point method for some monotone variational inequality problemsSun, J. ; Zhao, G. 
May-1998Interior point algorithms for linear complementarity problems based on large neighborhoods of the central pathZhao, G. 
Jul-1999Interior-point methods with decomposition for solving large-scale linear programsZhao, G.Y. 
2008Lagrangian-dual functions and Moreau-Yosida regularizationMeng, F.; Zhao, G. ; Goh, M. ; De Souza, R.
Feb-2003Nonminimal product differentiation as a bargaining outcomeRath, K.P.; Zhao, G. 
2004On second-order properties of the moreau-yosida regularization for constrained nonsmooth convex programsMeng, F. ; Zhao, G. 
Jan-1995On the choice of parameters for power-series interior point algorithms in linear programmingZhao, G. 
15-May-2010On the implementation of a log-barrier progressive hedging method for multistage stochastic programsLiu, X.; Toh, K.-C. ; Zhao, G. 
1999On the rate of local convergence of high-order-infeasible-path-following algorithms for P*-linear complementarity problemsZhao, G. ; Sun, J. 
Feb-1996On the relationship between the curvature integral and the complexity of path-following methods in linear programmingZhao, G. 
1998Quadratic convergence of a long-step interior-point method for nonlinear monotone variational inequality problemsSun, J. ; Zhao, G.Y. 
2008Representing the space of linear programs as the Grassmann manifoldZhao, G. 
2010Representing the space of linear programs as the Grassmann manifoldZhao, G. 
Nov-2005Semismoothness of solutions to generalized equations and the Moreau-Yosida regularizationMeng, F.; Sun, D. ; Zhao, G. 
2007Successive linear approximation solution of infinite-horizon dynamic stochastic programsBirge, J.R.; Zhao, G. 
Oct-1995The curvature integral and the complexity of linear complementarity problemsZhao, G. ; Zhu, J.
Nov-2001Two stage equilibrium and product choice with elastic demandRath, K.P.; Zhao, G. 
Sep-2007Underlying paths in interior point methods for the monotone semidefinite linear complementarity problemSim, C.-K.; Zhao, G.