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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005A bidirectional heuristic for stochastic assembly line balancing type II problemLiu, S.B. ; Ong, H.L. ; Huang, H.C. 
May-2003A comparative study of metaheuristics for vehicle routing problem with stochastic demandsTeng, S. ; Ong, H.L. ; Huang, H.C. 
2009A dynamic stochastic network model for asset allocation problemSong, H.; Huang, H.-C. ; Shi, N.; K. K. Lai
2009A genetic algorithm for the economic lot scheduling problem under the extended basic period and power-of-two policySun, H.; Huang, H.-C. ; Jaruphongsa, W.
1-Mar-2008A k-product uncapacitated facility location problemHuang, H.-C. ; Li, R.
1-Feb-2010A Markov model for single-leg air cargo revenue management under a bid-price policyHan, D.L.; Tang, L.C. ; Huang, H.C. 
Jul-2002A method for evaluating the behavior of power indices in weighted plurality gamesChua, V.C.H.; Ueng, C.H.; Huang, H.C. 
2007A simulation study on the uses of shuttle carriers in the container yardLee, L.H. ; Chew, E.P. ; Tan, K.C. ; Huang, H.C. ; Lin, W.; Han, Y. ; Chan, T.H.
1-Jul-2008A successive convex approximation method for multistage workforce capacity planning problem with turnoverSong, H. ; Huang, H.-C. 
16-Nov-2005A two-echelon inventory system with transportation capacity constraintHuang, H.C. ; Chew, E.P. ; Goh, K.H.
Jun-2004An integer L-shaped algorithm for time-constrained traveling salesman problem with stochastic travel and service timesTeng, S.Y. ; Ong, H.L. ; Huang, H.C. 
1993Analysing a mental health survey by chi-squared automatic interaction detection.Huang, H.C. ; Lin, T.K. ; Ngui, P.W.
2000Analytical representation of probabilities under the IAC conditionHuang, H.C. ; Chua, V.C.H.
1989Asymptotic expected performance of some TSP heuristics: An empirical evaluationOng, H.L. ; Huang, H.C. 
Sep-2006Development of timed Colour Petri net simulation models for air cargo terminal operationsLee, C.; Huang, H.C. ; Liu, B.; Xu, Z.
2003Discrete event simulation model for airline operations: SIMAIRLee, L.H. ; Huang, H.C. ; Lee, C. ; Chew, E.P. ; Jaruphongsa, W. ; Yong, Y.Y. ; Liang, Z.; Leong, C.H. ; Tan, Y.P.; Namburi, K. ; Johnson, E.; Banks, J.
2007Dynamic stochastic programming for asset allocation problemSong, H. ; Huang, H.-C. 
Jun-2003Finding the exact volume of a polyhedronOng, H.L. ; Huang, H.C. ; Huin, W.M.
2010Flight assignment plan for an air cargo inbound terminalLee, L.H. ; Huang, H.C. ; Huang, P.