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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2011Quantitative analysis of volatiles in transesterified coconut oil by headspace-solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometrySun, J.; Yu, B.; Curran, P.; Liu, S.-Q. 
2013Simultaneous quantitation of volatile compounds in citrus beverage through stir bar sorptive extraction coupled with thermal desorption-programmed temperature vaporizationCheong, M.W.; Lee, J.Y.K.; Liu, S.Q. ; Zhou, W. ; Nie, Y.; Kleine-Benne, E.; Curran, P.; Yu, B.
Apr-2013Sugars, organic acids, and phenolic acids of exotic seasonable tropical fruitsLee, P.-R.; Tan, R.-M.; Yu, B.; Curran, P.; Liu, S.-Q. 
2014Synthesis and evaluation of odour-active methionyl esters of fatty acids via esterification and transesterification of butter oilLi, C.; Sun, J.; Fu, C.; Yu, B.; Liu, S.Q. ; Li, T.; Huang, D. 
2018The possible reduction mechanism of volatile sulfur compounds during durian wine fermentation verified in modified buffersLu Y. ; Fong A.S.Y.L.; Chua J.-Y.; Huang D. ; Lee P.-R.; Liu S.-Q. 
Apr-2013Volatile composition and antioxidant capacity of Arabica coffeeCheong, M.W.; Tong, K.H.; Ong, J.J.M.; Liu, S.Q. ; Curran, P.; Yu, B.
Aug-2012Volatile sulphur compounds and pathways of L-methionine catabolism in Williopsis yeastsTan, A.W.J.; Lee, P.-R.; Seow, Y.-X.; Ong, P.K.C.; Liu, S.-Q. 
Jul-2013Yeast ratio is a critical factor for sequential fermentation of papaya wine by Williopsis saturnus and Saccharomyces cerevisiaeLee, P.-R.; Kho, S.H.C.; Yu, B.; Curran, P.; Liu, S.-Q.