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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Saliency detection by multitask sparsity pursuitLang, C.; Liu, G. ; Yu, J.; Yan, S. 
2011Segment an image by looking into an image corpusLiu, X. ; Feng, J.; Yan, S. ; Lin, L.; Jin, H.
2012Segmentation over detection by coupled global and local sparse representationsXia, W.; Song, Z. ; Feng, J.; Cheong, L.-F. ; Yan, S. 
2013Semantic segmentation without annotating segmentsXia, W.; Domokos, C.; Dong, J.; Cheong, L.-F. ; Yan, S. 
2009Semi-supervised classification on evolutionary dataJia, Y.; Yan, S. ; Zhang, C.
2009Semi-supervised learning by sparse representationYan, S. ; Wang, H.
2012Sense beauty via face, dressing, and/or voiceNguyen, T.V.; Liu, S.; Ni, B.; Tan, J.; Rui, Y.; Yan, S. 
2011Size adaptive selection of most informative featuresLiu, S.; Liu, H. ; Latecki, L.J.; Yan, S. ; Xu, C.; Lu, H.
2015Smoothed low rank and sparse matrix recovery by iteratively reweighted least squares minimizationLu, C. ; Lin, Z.; Yan, S. 
2011Snap & play: Auto-generate personalized find-the-difference mobile gameLiu, S.; Chen, Q.; Dong, J.; Yan, S. ; Xu, C.; Lu, H.
2011Snap &amp; play: Auto-generate personalized find-the-difference mobile gameLiu, S.; Chen, Q.; Dong, J.; Yan, S. ; Xu, C.; Lu, H.
2011Sparse hidden-dynamics conditional random fields for user intent understandingShen, Y.; Ji, L.; Yan, J.; Liu, N.; Yan, S. ; Chen, Z.
Jun-2010Sparse representation for computer vision and pattern recognitionWright, J.; Ma, Y.; Mairal, J.; Sapiro, G.; Huang, T.S.; Yan, S. 
2010Sparse representation using nonnegative curds and wheyLiu, Y.; Wu, F.; Zhang, Z.; Zhuang, Y.; Yan, S. 
Feb-2013Sparse representations for image and video analysisTang, J.; Yan, S. ; Wright, J.; Tian, Q.; Pang, Y.; Pissaloux, E.
2010Spatialized epitome and its applicationsChu, X.; Yan, S. ; Li, Y.; Chan, K.L.; Huang, T.S.
2013Spatio-temporal fisher vector coding for surveillance event detectionChen, Q.; Cai, Y.; Brown, L.; Datta, A.; Fan, Q.; Feris, R.; Yan, S. ; Hauptmann, A.; Pankanti, S.
Mar-2011Special issue on feature-oriented image and video computing for extracting contexts and semanticsFu, Y.; Yan, S. ; Huang, T.S.
Feb-2012Special section on object and event classification in large-scale video collectionsXu, C.; Hanjalic, A.; Yan, S. ; Liu, Q.; Smeaton, A.F.
2013Static saliency vs. Dynamic saliency: A comparative studyNguyen, T.V.; Xu, M.; Gao, G.; Kankanhalli, M. ; Tian, Q.; Yan, S.