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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Pair-activity classification by bi-trajectories analysisZhou, Y.; Yan, S. ; Huang, T.S.
2013Pairwise sparsity preserving embedding for unsupervised subspace learning and classificationZhang, Z.; Yan, S. ; Zhao, M.
2013Perception preserving projectionsXie, S.; Feng, J.; Yan, S. ; Lu, H.
2014Picwords: Render a picture by packing keywordsHu, Z.; Liu, S. ; Jiang, J.; Hong, R.; Wang, M.; Yan, S. 
2012Practical low-rank matrix approximation under robust L 1-normZheng, Y.; Liu, G.; Sugimoto, S.; Yan, S. ; Okutomi, M.
2011Probabilistic indexing of media sequencesShen, J.; Wang, M. ; Yan, S. ; Tian, Q.
2009Probabilistic latent semantic user segmentation for behavioral targeted advertisingWu, X.; Yan, J.; Liu, N.; Yan, S. ; Chen, Y.; Chen, Z.
2010Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Internet Multimedia Computing and Service, ICIMCS'10: PrefaceYong, R.; Nahrstedt, K.; Xu, X.; Yao, H.; Jiang, S.; Cheng, J.; Chen, X.; Du, J.; Duan, L.; Fan, J.; Gao, X.; Huang, Q.; Kankanhalli, M. ; Li, X.; Liu, J.; Liu, Q.; Liu, Y.; Ngo, C.-W.; Rui, T.; Sato, Y.; Sebe, N.; Snoek, C.; Tian, Q.; Wang, J.; Wang, J.; Wang, Q.; Wu, F.; Xu, C.; Xu, D.; Yan, P.; Yan, S. ; Yang, J.; Yang, X.; Yuan, Y.; Zhu, G. ; Zhu, Z.; Zimmermann, R. 
May-2010Projective nonnegative graph embeddingLiu, X. ; Yan, S. ; Jin, H.
2011Purposive Hidden-Object Game (P-HOG) towards imperceptible human computationDong, J.; Ni, Y. ; Feng, J.; Yan, S. 
2011Purposive hidden-object-game: Embedding human computation in popular gameNi, Y. ; Dong, J.; Feng, J.; Yan, S. 
2010Randomized locality sensitive vocabularies for bag-of-features modelMu, Y. ; Sun, J. ; Han, T.X.; Cheong, L.-F. ; Yan, S. 
2013Rank aggregation via low-rank and structured-sparse decompositionPan, Y.; Lai, H.; Liu, C.; Tang, Y.; Yan, S. 
2008Real-time human action recognition by luminance field trajectory analysisLi, Z.; Fu, Y.; Huang, T.S.; Yan, S. 
2012Recognizing emotions of characters in moviesSrivastava, R.; Yan, S. ; Sim, T. ; Roy, S.
2009Recognizing human group activities with localized causalitiesNi, B.; Yan, S. ; Kassim, A. 
Jan-2008Reconstruction and recognition of tensor-based objects with concurrent subspaces analysisXu, D.; Yan, S. ; Zhang, L.; Lin, S.; Zhang, H.J.; Huang, T.S.
2008Regression from patch-kernelYan, S. ; Zhou, X.; MingLiu; Hasegawa-Johnson, M.; Huang, T.S.
Dec-2008Regression from uncertain labels and its applications to soft biometricsYan, S. ; Wang, H.; Tang, X.; Liu, J.; Huang, T.S.
2012Robust and efficient subspace segmentation via least squares regressionLu, C.-Y.; Min, H.; Zhao, Z.-Q.; Zhu, L.; Huang, D.-S.; Yan, S.