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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Label to region by bi-layer sparsity priorsLiu, X. ; Cheng, B.; Yan, S. ; Tang, J. ; Chua, T.S. ; Jin, H.
Aug-2013Label-specific training set construction from web resource for image annotationTang, J.; Yan, S. ; Zhao, C.; Chua, T.-S. ; Jain, R.
2012Label-to-region with continuity-biased bi-layer sparsity PriorsLiu, X. ; Yan, S. ; Cheng, B.; Tang, J.; Chua, T.-S. ; Jin, H.
2009Large scale natural image classification by sparsity explorationWang, C.; Yan, S. ; Zhang, H.-J.
Dec-2013Large-scale multilabel propagation based on efficient sparse graph constructionChen, X.; Mu, Y. ; Liu, H. ; Yan, S. ; Rui, Y.; Chua, T.-S. 
2011Latent low-rank representation for subspace segmentation and feature extractionLiu, G. ; Yan, S. 
2012Learning a propagable graph for semisupervised learning: Classification and regressionNi, B.; Yan, S. ; Kassim, A. 
2008Learning by propagabilityNi, B.; Yan, S. ; Kassim, A. ; Cheong, L.F. 
2009Learning cooking techniques from youtubeLi, G. ; Hong, R. ; Zheng, Y.-T.; Yan, S. ; Chua, T.-S. 
2011Learning reconfigurable hashing for diverse semanticsMu, Y. ; Chen, X.; Chua, T.-S. ; Yan, S. 
2008Learning the latent semantic space for ranking in text retrievalYan, J.; Yan, S. ; Liu, N.; Chen, Z.
2010Learning to photographCheng, B.; Ni, B.; Yan, S. ; Tian, Q.
2013Learning to photograph: A compositional perspectiveNi, B.; Xu, M.; Cheng, B.; Wang, M.; Yan, S. ; Tian, Q.
2011Learning to rank audience for behavioral targeting in display adsTang, J.; Liu, N.; Yan, J.; Shen, Y.; Guo, S.; Gao, B.; Yan, S. ; Zhang, M.
2010Learning to rank tagsWang, Z.; Feng, J.; Zhang, C.; Yan, S. 
Apr-2010Learning with ℓ1-graph for image analysisCheng, B.; Yang, J.; Yan, S. ; Fu, Y.; Huang, T.S.
2013Linear distance coding for image classificationWang, Z.; Feng, J.; Yan, S. ; Xi, H.
2009Local-driven semi-supervised learning with multi-labelLi, T.; Yan, S. ; Mei, T.; Kweon, I.-S.
2013Magic mirror: An intelligent fashion recommendation systemLiu, S. ; Liu, L.; Yan, S. 
2008Matrix-variate factor analysis and its applicationsXie, X.; Yan, S. ; Kwok, J.T.; Huang, T.S.