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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010iComics: Automatic conversion of movie into comicsHong, R. ; Wang, M. ; Li, G. ; Yuan, X.-T. ; Yan, S. ; Chua, T.-S. 
2013Image classification via object-aware holistic superpixel selectionWang, Z.; Feng, J.; Yan, S. ; Xi, H.
Oct-2010Image clustering using local discriminant models and global integrationYang, Y.; Xu, D.; Nie, F.; Yan, S. ; Zhuang, Y.
15-Nov-2012Image database retrieval using GMM-AIB frameworkLi, J.; Li, J.; Yan, S. ; Wang, G.
Aug-2011Image decomposition with multilabel context: Algorithms and applicationsLi, T.; Yan, S. ; Mei, T.; Hua, X.-S.; Kweon, I.-S.
2012Image label completion by pursuing contextual decomposabilityLiu, X.; Yan, S. ; Chua, T.-S. ; Jin, H.
2013Image re-attentionizingNguyen, T.V.; Ni, B.; Liu, H. ; Xia, W.; Luo, J.; Kankanhalli, M. ; Yan, S. 
Aug-2011Image retagging using collaborative tag propagationLiu, D.; Yan, S. ; Hua, X.-S.; Zhang, H.-J.
Feb-2013Image retrieval with query-adaptive hashingLiu, D.; Yan, S. ; Ji, R.-R.; Hua, X.-S.; Zhang, H.-J.
2010Image segmentation with patch-pair density priorsLiu, X. ; Feng, J.; Yan, S. ; Jin, H.
2012Image super-resolution via low-pass filter based multi-scale image decompositionZhu, S.; Zeng, B.; Yan, S. 
2010Image tag refinement towards low-rank, content-tag prior and error sparsityZhu, G. ; Yan, S. ; Ma, Y.
2013Improving bottom-up saliency detection by looking into neighborsLang, C.; Feng, J.; Liu, G.; Tang, J.; Yan, S. ; Luo, J.
2013Incorporating structural alternatives and sharing into hierarchy for multiclass object recognition and detectionWang, X.; Lin, L.; Huang, L.; Yan, S. 
2012Inductive robust principal component analysisBao, B.-K.; Liu, G.; Xu, C.; Yan, S. 
2009Inferring semantic concepts from community-contributed images and noisy tagsTang, J. ; Yan, S. ; Hong, R. ; Qi, G.-J.; Chua, T.-S. 
Dec-2010Information-theoretic analysis of input strokes in visual object cutoutMu, Y. ; Zhou, B.; Yan, S. 
Apr-2011Integrating spatio-temporal context with multiview representation for object recognition in visual surveillanceLiu, X.; Lin, L.; Yan, S. ; Jin, H.; Tao, W.
15-Jan-2009Introduction to the special issue on Video-based Object and Event AnalysisShan, S.; Liu, Q.; Tao, D.; Xu, D.; Yan, S. ; Li, X.
2009Label to region by bi-layer sparsity priorsLiu, X. ; Cheng, B.; Yan, S. ; Tang, J. ; Chua, T.S. ; Jin, H.