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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-May-2013Effective hybrid graphene/carbon nanotubes field emitters by electrophoretic depositionKoh, A.T.T.; Chen, T. ; Pan, L.; Sun, Z.; Chua, D.H.C. 
29-Oct-2012Effective large-area free-standing graphene field emitters by electrophoretic depositionKoh, A.T.T.; Foong, Y.M.; Pan, L.; Sun, Z.; Chua, D.H.C. 
2009Effects and thermal stability of hydrogen microwave plasma treatment on tetrahedral amorphous carbon films by in situ ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopyChua, D.H.C. ; Hsieh, J.; Gao, X. ; Qi, D. ; Chen, S. ; Varghese, B. ; Sow, C.H. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Lu, J.; Loh, K.P. ; Yu, X. ; Moser, H.O. 
2010Effects of hydrogen microwave plasma post-treatment on tetrahedral amorphous carbon coated carbon nanotubesYu, J.; Chua, D.H.C. 
15-Jan-2012Electrical performance of low cost cathodes prepared by plasma sputtering deposition in microbial fuel cellsLefebvre, O. ; Tang, Z. ; Fung, M.P.H.; Chua, D.H.C. ; Chang, I.S.; Ng, H.Y. 
15-Oct-2009Electron emission studies of CNTs grown on Ti and Ni containing amorphous carbon nanocomposite filmsKoh, A.T.T.; Hsieh, J.; Chua, D.H.C. 
28-Mar-2014Electrospun carbon nanofibers as anode materials for sodium ion batteries with excellent cycle performanceChen, T.; Liu, Y.; Pan, L.; Lu, T.; Yao, Y.; Sun, Z.; Chua, D.H.C. ; Chen, Q.
1-Jan-2010Enhanced catalytic properties from platinum nanodots covered carbon nanotubes for proton-exchange membrane fuel cellsTang, Z. ; Poh, C.K.; Lee, K.K.; Tian, Z.; Chua, D.H.C. ; Lin, J.
Jan-2012Enhanced electron emission from tetrahedral amorphous carbon capped carbon nanotube core-shelled structureYu, J.; Anetab, P.; Koh, A.T.T.; Chua, D.H.C. ; Wei, J.
2009Enhanced field emission of vertically aligned core-shelled carbon nanotubes with molybdenum oxide encapsulationYu, J.; Sow, C.H. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Chua, D.H.C. 
2010Enhanced field emission properties of hydrogenated tetrahedral amorphous carbon/carbon nanotubes nanostructuresYu, J.; Chua, D.H.C. 
28-Sep-2011Experimental and theoretical study on the energy-dependent surface evolution and microstructure changes in copper nanostructured compositesFoong, Y.M.; Koh, A.T.T.; Chua, D.H.C. 
May-2008Fabrication and characterization of multilayer amorphous carbon films for microcantilever devicesTeo, E.H.T.; Chua, D.H.C. ; Lim, L.T.W.; O'Shea, S.; Miao, J.M.; Tay, B.K.
2009Fabrication of nano-crystalline silicon thin film on flexible substrate by cathodic vacuum arcLin, T.-Y.; Liao, Z.-J.; Tsai, J.; Chua, D. ; Peng, J.-L.; Liu, C.-L.; Mo, C.-N.
7-Feb-2014Fast synthesis of carbon microspheres via a microwave-assisted reaction for sodium ion batteriesChen, T.; Pan, L.; Lu, T.; Fu, C.; Chua, D.H.C. ; Sun, Z.
1-Feb-2019Ferromagnet/Two-Dimensional Semiconducting Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Interface with Perpendicular Magnetic AnisotropyZhang, Wen ; Wong, Ping Kwan Johnny ; Zhou, Xiaochao; Rath, Ashutosh ; Huang, Zhaocong; Wang, Hongyu ; Morton, Simon A; Yuan, Jiaren; Zhang, Lei ; Chua, Rebekah ; Zeng, Shengwei ; Liu, Er; Xu, Feng; Ariando ; Chua, Daniel HC ; Feng, Yuan Ping ; van der Laan, Gerrit; Pennycook, Stephen J ; Zhai, Ya; Wee, Andrew TS 
2009Field-emission properties of carbon nanotubes grown using Cu-Cr catalystsZhang, Z.; Chua, D.H.C. ; Gao, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Tang, Z. ; Tay, B.K.; Feng, T.; Sun, Z.; Chen, Y.
2009Field-emission properties of carbon nanotubes grown using Cu-Cr catalystsZhang, Z.; Chua, D.H.C. ; Gao, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Tang, Z. ; Tay, B.K.; Feng, T.; Sun, Z.; Chen, Y.
Mar-1999Growth of carbon nitride thin films by radio-frequency-plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition at low temperaturesLim, S.F.; Wee, A.T.S. ; Lin, J. ; Chua, D.H.C. ; Tan, K.L. 
Jul-2013High quantum efficiency UV detection using a-Se based photodetectorMasuzawa, T.; Onishi, M.; Saito, I.; Yamada, T.; Koh, A.T.T.; Chua, D.H.C. ; Ogawa, S.; Takakuwa, Y.; Mori, Y.; Shimosawa, T.; Okano, K.